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Welcome to MYX

So many fitness trends. so little time. but what if you had access to a spectrum of classes in one intimate place? Classes that make your workout more efficient? and that optimize your burn – long after your session’s over?

Welcome to MYX Fitness, where the right mix of strategically developed classes optimizes your muscle confusion, your motivation — and ultimately, your results.

Here, you’ll choose from classes that utilize a variety of training disciplines, including HIIT, functional suspension training, resistance training, traditional strength training, power yoga, and barre.. and you’ll do so in small, un-crowded classrooms where you'll be taught by highly-trained instructors who genuinely care about your unique needs and fitness goals.

No matter your age, body type, or fitness experience, we’ll find the perfect myx to change your body — and your life — for the better.

Our MYXssion

At MYX fitness, we exist to help you find the myx of workouts that keeps you motivated, healthy, fit and energized.



Muscle Confusion

By strategically alternating exercise disciplines, you will burn calories, sculpt lean muscle and avoid training plateaus

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HR Metrix

Track your performance heart rate, endurance and calorie burn to maximize your workout

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Nutrition Matters

MYX is not just about working out, it's about creating strategies for a healthy lifestyle

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