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3 Ways to Exercise Gratitude This Thanksgiving

3 Ways to Exercise Gratitude This Thanksgiving

By Erika Shannon-Hathaway, Director of Fitness - MYX Fitness

As Thanksgiving approaches, traffic builds, the to-do list grows, and all of a sudden we have (literally) a full plate! If we aren’t careful, we could miss the magic of the day by rushing, multi-tasking, and moving without awareness.

I say we make the bustle worthwhile, and tap into our own movement to fill our own cup. Here are a few simple, grounding ways you can incorporate loving movement into your Thanksgiving Day celebration:

  1. Start your day with one minute of conscious breathing. Before you even get out of bed, sit up, close your eyes, and take in the sounds and smells of your home in the morning. Scan your senses for little gratitudes. Then wrap your arms around yourself as tight as you can to give yourself a big hug. Hold for 30 seconds. Extend your arms wide in a big stretch with a big inhale, hold, and exhale, repeating your hug with the other arm on top.
  2. Get your blood flowing to boost your energy. If you don’t have time for a workout, take “small bites” throughout the day. Incorporate a few sets of squats or lunges in the kitchen as you wait for your food to be ready. Do a few extra sets of stairs at a quick pace as you clean the house for company or spend a few moments stretching out your muscles. Do calf raises as you’re curling your hair.
  3. Digest before you rest. After your meal, go on a family walk around the neighborhood. The fresh air will feel great and the movement will aid in digestion! Remember, brisk is best. Even a slight elevation in heart rate will make a difference!

We’d love to hear your holiday movement ideas! Tag us with #myxitup and let us know if you have a tradition that keeps you active during this season

From all of us at MYX, we wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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