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4 Tips to Regain Focus at Work

4 Tips to Regain Focus at Work

There’s no question that we live in a world of constant distraction. You could make the argument that we have more disturbances vying for our attention than at any previous point in human history. 

With constant buzzing in our pockets and flashing on the screens in front of us, how can we regain our focus at work and concentrate on what’s important in our lives?

When you’re trying to get down to business but social media, email, texts, or nagging thoughts encroach on your mind, these tips can help you focus and stay on track:

Stay Organized 

It’s easy for your desk to become extremely cluttered throughout the day as we run from meeting to meeting and attempt to complete our to-do list. However, when your desk becomes cluttered, your mind often feels the same way. When you start to become unfocused, take a look at your desk area. If it is messy,  take a break and clean it up and then get back on task. 

One Thing at a Time

We all think we’re master multitaskers, but the truth is that we’re only pretending to achieve more than one goal simultaneously. Want to stay focused and reach your daily productivity goals? Stop trying to juggle jobs, and instead, put all of your energy into one actionable item at a time.

Don’t move on until that action item is either complete or as complete as you can make it in an allotted time. Then forget about it until tomorrow, and move on to the next priority on your to-do list.

Healthy Habits

If meditation works for you, taking short breaks to close your eyes and do breathing exercises has been known to increase cognitive abilities. If you are not into meditation, you can try taking a walk at least once a day.

And once you get out of the office, don’t skip the gym. In addition to increasing physical and emotional health, sweat sessions can improve brain functions such as memory capacity and concentration.

Eliminate Distractions 

In a busy work environment, there are plenty of things that can keep you from the task at hand. From social media to chatty coworkers, people lose nearly two or more hours a  day due to distraction. Completely eliminating workplace distraction is impossible, but this article offers the top seven work distractions and how to combat them during the day. 

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