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5 Stress Management Hacks From Our MYXfitness Coaches

5 Stress Management Hacks From Our MYXfitness Coaches

Feeling more pressure than usual? Maybe a new stress management tool can help. The MYXfitness coaches share their go-to hacks to get you on the right road to managing stress and leading a happier, healthier life.

1. Get Moving

Coach Donna: Moving is my go-to for stress management. It is tempting to sit at my computer all day and work, but when I move, I feel more productive and less stressed out. Whether it is a run, ride, yoga, workout, or walk, I find time to move to keep my stress under control.

Coach Shaun: My go-to is probably running.

Coach Justin: HIIT workouts!

2. Just Breathe

Coach Jesse: I like breathwork. It’s a bit like meditation but more action-oriented.

Coach Lauren: I take a pause and focus on a deep inhale and then exhale for twice as long as the inhale. This helps strengthen my parasympathetic nervous system and lessen the stress response.

Coach Dyan: Breathwork is the one thing I can always count on to bring me back to calm when coping with stress.

3. Unplug & Embrace Nature

Coach Kristin: I like going for a walk outside and taking in nature. I will sit by the river and take my shoes off, placing them on the stones or the earth. It’s very grounding.

Coach Christina: I go for a drive by myself with no music or sound, just open windows and fresh air.

4. Reclaim Control

Coach Garner: I try to focus on what I have control over in a stressful situation.

Coach Sara: I clean my kitchen before going to bed. Coming downstairs to a clean kitchen makes me happy. I know that when I wake up to dirty dishes, I’ll start my day feeling anxious.

5. Zone Out

Coach Dan: I put on relaxing lo-fi music and give myself permission to zone out for a set amount of time while I pet my cat.

Thanks for sharing coaches!

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