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5 ways you can show your feet some love

5 ways you can show your feet some love

Taking care of your feet is essential for your active lifestyle, especially in summertime when they get more of a workout than ever. In addition to the practical decisions we can make for our feet — wearing the appropriate shoes for each activity and making sure they fit properly — there are other ways we can treat our feet.

Starting your day right

Most of us hop out of bed and hit the ground running without giving our feet any thought. Lauren, a MYX trainer and corrective exercise specialist, recommends taking a little time to pamper your tootsies first thing in the morning. One of her favorite at-home foot care tips is rolling her feet. Lauren uses a ball specifically designed for this purpose, but a tennis ball or a frozen plastic water bottle works as well. A foam roller can also do the trick.

Lauren also swears by an acupressure mat for essential foot care at home. She shared that the mat wakes up the more than 200,000 nerve endings in our feet by promoting blood flow. 

Going barefoot

Going barefoot and using toe spacers is one of the easiest ways to care for our feet at home, according to Lauren. We spend much of our time wearing shoes, which can compress the toes together in an unnatural position. This can lead to painful issues such as hammertoes and bunions. Lauren explains that using toe spacers while going barefoot can help keep toes properly aligned.

Practicing yoga

Yoga is another way to keep your feet healthy. Foot pain is often related to other problems, such as back and hip pain and other structural issues. Practicing yoga will stretch the muscles of the foot and improve overall range of motion. An essential element of yoga involves paying attention to the way your feet connect to the ground. When your body is properly aligned, you feel better from head to toe.

Using reflexology and massage

Regular massages combined with reflexology can improve circulation and otherwise contribute to healthy feet. The ancient therapy of reflexology activates different reflex points in the feet (and hands) that focus on healing the body.

Pampering your feet

Give yourself a boost by simply elevating your feet after a long day. For an extra treat, a pedicure is a relaxing indulgence that can provide a psychological boost. Getting routine pedicures is also an effective way to keep an eye out for corns, fungal infections, and ingrown toenails.

Stay on your toes by taking good care of your feet. Happy feet mean a happier you.

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