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8 Reasons to MYX

8 Reasons to MYX

Whether you’ve ordered your MYX bike already or have seen advertisements on your Facebook feed and are debating if MYX is right for you, we are excited to walk you through some of our favorite features.

  1. There Are a Variety of Workouts

    MYX offers plenty of workouts on and off the bike. From cycling to yoga, kettlebells to meditation, and dance cardio to foam rolling, there is something for everyone. MYX believes that cross-training is the best way to achieve your fitness goals. It allows you to “myx” it up, challenge different muscle groups and avoid overtraining. Cross-training can also improve mental strength, posture, and coordination.

    The workouts are categorized into three levels, so you can determine the intensity of your workout for that day. MYX also offers different lengths for the workouts. If you are in a rush and only have time for a 10-minute workout, there are plenty to choose from. If you are looking for a longer workout, there are many ranging from 30 to 45-minutes as well. The library of workouts is updated weekly so you can keep your routine fresh.  

  2. MYX Has World-Class Coaches

    The coaches are the best of the best! They are world-class leaders in health, fitness, and professional dance. Many of the MYX coaches have been featured on national networks and in publications such as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, TEDx, Vogue, Shape, Glamour and more. They show up for you, to guide you through your workout and help you create lasting change.

  3. You Can Use Cycling Shoes or Sneakers

    MYX understands that not everyone is a cycling enthusiast. Being required to purchase cycling shoes can be expensive. With MYX, you can use sneakers or cycling shoes. One side of the pedal has a cage for sneakers that can tighten or loosen to your comfort level. The other side of the pedal has SPD compatible clips, so if you do opt to wear cycling shoes with MYX, ensure the clips are SPD.

  4. We Use Heart Rate-Based Interval Training

    MYX is the only in-home fitness system to integrate heart-rate based interval training. This is because we believe that cardiovascular fitness is the most important fitness metric to capture. The MYX and The MYX Plus both come with an OH1 Polar Heart Rate Monitor. When you connect the heart rate monitor, you will see your personalized heart rate zones and calories burned. Throughout the workout, coaches will tell you which zone you should be in so you can maximize exercise benefits while minimizing the risk of fatigue and overworking your body.

  5. You Can Have Multiple Profiles On Your Account

    MYX allows you to have up to five profiles on your account, so you only need one bike for everyone in your house! All of your data and workout history is under your profile name. Our heart rate zones are personalized to your specific personal information, so ensuring that you workout on your profile is important!  

  6. There is a Mobile App for MYX

    MYX offers a mobile app that you can download through the app store. The mobile app has a scheduling feature to help you stay accountable as you create a workout plan with MYX. Browse through our library of classes right through your phone, choose the one you want to do and the time you want to do it. Once you schedule your class, it will be loaded into your app at the time you scheduled it for. This is especially helpful if you share the bike with other members of your family.

  7. You Can Connect Wireless Earbuds

    MYX is compatible with Airpods, Beats by Dre, and Jaybirds Bluetooth headphones. So, if you are trying to get an early morning or late night sweat session in and do not want to disturb other people in your house, you can still listen to music and follow your workout with no worries!

  8. It’s All About You!

    MYX believes that your only competition is yourself. That’s why MYX coaches focus on one-to-one coaching to help you create lasting change. They integrate positive psychology into every workout to offer strategies for success, improve your mental toughness and improve upon your strengths. One-to-one coaching will help you stay motivated to develop healthy routines and positive behaviors. We are not focused on reaching the top of the leaderboard but instead reaching your full potential to live your healthiest, happiest life.

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