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A Brighter Future: Daily Affirmations Can Transform Your Life

A Brighter Future: Daily Affirmations Can Transform Your Life

By: Dyan Tsiumis: MYX Coach

We put a lot of time into maintaining and improving our physical health, but what about our mental health? Consider your internal monologue. Is it kind? Practicing self-love may mean giving yourself a pep talk after a stressful day or psyching yourself up before an important discussion. Moment by moment, we’re crafting our futures. Positive words of affirmation are one way to put our heart’s desire into action.

All the things we repeatedly say to ourselves, silently or out loud, matter. Eventually, thoughts become action, so be sure you’re being kind to yourself. This is especially important because words that are repeated over time become part of our identity. This is thanks to the part of our brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS)

Science also tells us that by changing thought patterns, people can be motivated to move more, take criticism in stride, eat a more balanced diet, and perform at a higher level academically. Meditation in the form of affirmations can increase endorphins and rewire our brains. By repeating positive affirmations reflecting a personal core value like “I am strong and love to move,” you can eventually retrain your brain and change the way you approach your workout.

Reframing may be a lifelong quest, but you can start with a modest effort and work your way up. Spending just a few minutes each day reflecting on your best qualities can lead to positive changes, including stress reduction. For instance, you might focus on your roles in life and how you show up for loved ones: “I am a loving mother, wife/partner, or friend.” 

Whatever affirmations you choose, what matters most is finding specific ones that speak to you. Affirmations are personal and depend on your goals, desires, and current reality., I like to say, “I am strong,” “I am healthy and happy,” and “I am a goddess.” There are no hard and fast rules, except to stay present and positive. I write them, I say them, and I think them. Eventually, I become them.

What goals could you achieve if you started affirming your innate abilities? The mind is a powerful thing. Use the power of affirmations to your advantage and see where positive thinking takes you.

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