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A Positive Online World Starts With You

A Positive Online World Starts With You

Studies have shown that positivity can lead to lower levels of stress and depression, better physical and psychological well-being, and improved coping skills during difficult times. So in today’s world of social distancing and increased internet connectivity, a positive mindset online makes a huge difference in our quality of life.

Even before the COVID-19 crisis upped our online time, 4.5 billion of us were already there on a daily basis. On average, we spend nearly seven hours every day online. That's more than 40 percent of our awake time!

Since we’re all spending more time at home, we depend on the internet more than ever. And though the news is tough to hear these days, there are plenty of ways we can make sure our internet behavior serves as a force for good. We can’t control the headlines, but we can each do our part to make going online a positive experience. Here’s how:

Share Inspiring Stories

People across the globe are working to save lives, find solutions, and make life easier during this difficult moment. You can help all types of efforts by simply spreading the word.  

You can alert others to individuals who are making a difference, from global campaigns for treatment research to hometown artists supplying a timely diversion. Know a friend sewing masks for nurses or a local musician streaming free shows from their sofa?  Share the good news!

Give Compliments and Congrats

If there’s ever been a time and place to let others know that they’re doing great, now is that time, and your feed is that place. There's no better way to be a source of good vibes than to share your respect for the folks you follow.

That fashionista posting her daily outfit? Confess that you’re a fan. Watching a celebrity athlete work out in their yard? Tell them you’re rooting for their return to the field. Make a point to give at least three heartfelt compliments each day and watch the online world shine a bit brighter.

Connect with Family and Friends

Online communication doesn’t only have to be for conference calls. Instead, use that camera to reach out to family and friends you haven’t had the time to catch up with recently by organizing virtual hangouts. Reconnect with college buddies and childhood pals through online happy hours. Seeing friendly faces while talking about old times and future plans can give us a boost of energy and much-needed hope. Though our current situation prevents us from being together in person, we can still use this time to renew connections and strengthen important relationships.

The power of positivity rests in our hands. We get to choose how we spend our time online. When we consciously choose to spread positivity, our outlook will change. So when you’re online today, use these tips to improve your mood and spread good vibes to your friends. 

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