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An Exercise in Communication: Boomer Views and Millennial Truths

An Exercise in Communication: Boomer Views and Millennial Truths

We have a generational rift on our hands. One that seems to be widening. Disgruntled Baby Boomers have made the news for stiff criticisms of younger generations, resulting in "Ok Boomer" being shot back by fed-up Millennials.

Common ground can be hard to come by these days, but we’re up to the task. Can a Boomer and a Millennial agree on anything?

Boomer: Thanks to my generation, “retirement age" is an outdated phrase, and the “old folks home” has been replaced by upscale senior living communities. You might not realize it, but the world still revolves around us. Brands are embracing Boomers as the face of their campaigns. Iris Apfel, Carmen Dell’Orefice and Wang Deshun are working models in their 80s and 90s.

Millennial: Well, don’t look now, but the world's headed right into another orbit with my generation overtaking yours as the largest in the U.S. But unlike Boomers, who somehow still care about celebrity models, we seek out authentic brands. We know because we’ve watched & read a ton of online reviews.

Boomer: You’ve got to get off of your phone sooner or later. Trust me. When your age starts to climb, you’re going to wish that you embraced healthier eating and incorporated exercise into your everyday routine like we did.

Millennial: Yet surprisingly, it’s you guys who really love avocado so much. So maybe we are killing cereal, but it’s because more than half of us are already following a healthier diet. So I feel you there.

Boomer: Look, we didn’t always get it right. Let’s face it, leisure suits weren’t our best idea. But one thing we nailed is the importance of personal health. Our best advice to you is not to squander any opportunity to stay fit. As grandpa used to say, “If you have your health, you have everything!”

Millennial: He may not have known it, but your gramps could've been talking about Millennials. More than 63% of us are routinely up for exercise that burns a high number of calories. We sweat it out on the reg and look good doing it in yoga pants; can’t speak to the leisure suits. But we can agree that no matter your age and daily screen time, it’s super-important to be active every day.

Lingering disagreements about the housing market slump and the decline of retail persist. But if nothing else, these two generations can agree that healthy eating and regular exercise are both essential. We’ll call this a win for both sides!

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