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Behind the MYX: Justin Flexen

Behind the MYX: Justin Flexen

By: Justin Flexen: MYX Coach

When it comes to MYX workout planning, it's usually a pretty simple process. Beginning with the goal in mind, I consider what I want the overall workout to feel like and what I want to accomplish within the time. I think about how I want members to feel when they're done.

From there, I jot down notes. Ideas usually come to me quite easily. It feels second nature by now. But I do need to be in the right frame of mind, and that’s usually first thing in the morning. I like to sit down in a quiet room, without any music or noise in the background so I can focus. 

Then I write out what I want to do in the workout routine. I check to see if my ideas translate into a well-executed workout by testing the moves and assessing how they feel. For example, do the movements flow, and do the transitions make sense? 

Everything should feel smooth and clean. For instance, if you're standing up and then going to the floor for a move, the shift should make sense. Is there enough time to come back up? A lot of thought goes into programming the moves in the context of the larger goal. 

I like to lean on a proven structure. I work big muscle groups first, followed by smaller ones, and then I end with core work. Sometimes I layer in cardio to keep the heart rate up. On that note, I like to offer some guidance on what members should expect as they increase their intensity and heart rate at the same time. I might say, “this is going to feel like heart rate zone two or three, depending on how hard you’re working.” Above all, I focus on proper form. When you’re moving correctly, you’re preventing injury. That’s important to me. 

What’s always in the back of my mind is maintaining the accessibility of the workouts. I never want anything to feel impossible. Even if I'm creating a harder workout that I know is going to be challenging, I want everyone to walk away feeling accomplished, no matter their level of intensity or target heart rate zone. I like to say my vibe is challenging and athletic but also accessible and supportive.

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