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Behind the Scenes: A MYX Workout in the Making

Behind the Scenes: A MYX Workout in the Making

By: Garner Pilat: MYX Coach

You might be surprised to learn that programming MYX workouts is both an art and a science. While each coach has their own approach, this is what I find works best for me and gets results. 

First, I sit down and look at the goals presented to me and work backward from there. I ask myself, “What’s the nature of the MYX workout?” and “What do we want to accomplish here?” Then, I sit down at my kitchen table and start the process. I begin by  jotting down my ideas.  The next day, I revisit the draft  and pick up where I left off. I may choose to add more reps to a strength workout or lengthen the time we are doing a hill for a ride. 

Music is part of the planning too. For instance, when I am programming a ride, I listen to a certain type of music to get inspired. This helps me set the moves based on the number of beats per minute even though the playlist will change for each session. However, when I am planning off-the-bike workouts, I tend to do so in silence because I get easily distracted. 

Regardless, I focus on programming with cross-training and heart rate zones in mind. Strength training is a go-to, but for HIIT workouts I throw in a lot of moves that raise the heart rate. One of my favorite techniques includes adding upper-body work after a bike ride.

After we are in a fat-burning zone for a bit, I focus on getting the body back to homeostasis with a stretching and/or foam rolling session. It may be tempting to skip the cooldown, but this does more harm than good. It’s a shock to your system to go from a high rate of exertion back into your routine without any transition. Your heart and lungs need time to catch up. 

After I have the workout mapped out, I do a practice run. This allows me to refine as needed. For instance, maybe there was too much focus on the shoulders. Running through the program helps me identify any weaknesses and make any necessary corrections. 

I make a point to offer variety in my programming while also sticking to the basics. Functional movement is so important to help your body better perform everyday activities. How you move and feel can mean better quality of life. There’s more to working out than looking good. Feeling great is its own reward!

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