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Black Friday: The Survival Guide

Black Friday: The Survival Guide

Black Friday is just around the corner! Here are 5 survival tips that will prevent you from breaking the bank and help you maneuver out of the mayhem. 

Make a List

...and check it twice! As tempting as it may be to splurge on gifts for loved ones this holiday season, it’s just not worth it to zero out your bank account. When you fall down the shopping rabbit hole, you often find yourself making purchases that aren’t the most sensical. Before you dive into Black Friday, it’s critical that you make a list and stick to it. 

Pick Your Price

Budgeting for your loved ones is not an easy task. How can you put a monetary cap on the people you’d move mountains for? Simply put, you have to pick your price. Assigning a price cap for everyone on your list will help you stay within your budget, and send you out into Black Friday with a sense of purpose. 

Look Ahead 

Before you decide to wait in a four hour line around your favorite department store, just pause. There are plenty of proactive ways to avoid the masses on Black Friday. Make a point to sit down for ten to fifteen minutes, and figure out what sales will be coming up on and around Black Friday. By looking ahead, you’ll be able to nail down the best sale, without looking back at your excursion and feeling jipped. 

Don’t Need It, Sell It! 

In the season of spending, no one thinks to sell! If you’ve ever heard of Marie Kondo, you’ll know that less is more when it comes to owning materialistic things and your happiness. We all know the benefits of decluttering, so why not get ahead of it! A good strategy to consider is for every gift you buy, you try to sell an item at home. That way, you can look back on how much you’ve spent during the holidays with a sigh of relief. 

Take a Second Look at Secondhand Stuff

Who knew secondhand stuff was the new style? Websites like thredUP are all about making consignment chic, yet affordable. If you’re seriously concerned about making ends meet for gifts this year, be sure to check it out! If you can’t be bothered to check online, look out for the best thrift store in every state

We hope these survival tips will equip you with everything you need to get through this Black Friday! As exciting as it is to charge into Black Friday, it can lend toward the stressful side with all of the hustle bustle. For some extra holiday planning help, be sure to check out Surviving the Stress: How to Stay Sane During the Holidays.

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