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Breaking up with “Gym” might be easier than you think

Breaking up with “Gym” might be easier than you think

The recent shift to home workouts might have been born of necessity, but even though gyms in most locations are open again, many people have discovered the advantages of exercising in their own space. 

“Time. Ease. Options.” Those are the three primary advantages of working out at home, says Dyan Tsiumis, a 15-year fitness pro and MYX trainer. 

“MYX is a huge time-saver,” explains Dyan, reflecting a popular opinion among the busy folks who belong to the MYX community. “You don’t have to pack a bag or take a lot of time to get to the gym, lugging everything around, or have your sweaty clothes in your car all day.” With your own MYXfitness bike, you can go from your bed to beast mode and on with your day in no time.

Going to the gym takes planning and travel time, which can add up to a membership that goes unused. Then there’s the fact that gyms are flooded with new members each January — and a whopping 80 percent quit after five months. In fact, only 18 percent of people with gym memberships use the gym regularly. “MYX cuts down on excuses because the bike is right there in your basement, your bedroom, or your living room,” says Dyan. 

But there are even more reasons MYXfitness is a helpful gym alternative. 

A wealth of workout options

With MYX and Openfit coming together, you’ll get the ultimate fitness experience — on and off the bike. At-home sessions, live and on-demand, provide an endless supply of choices that fit your schedule, including rides, HIIT, strength training, barre, Pilates, walking, running, and yoga. As a MYX member, you have access to all the MYXfitness classes and Openfit structured programs you want, on your own time.

“If it’s your recovery day and you want to do yoga or meditation, it’s there for you,” says Dyan. “Whether you have five minutes or an entire hour, the possibilities are endless to do the things you love — or to try things that are new to you.”

Great value for money

You can purchase a commercial-quality, built-to-last MYXfitness bike for less than the cost of many annual gym memberships. The monthly fee for MYX+Openfit is a bargain at just $29 — for up to five members!

No fighting over equipment

Anyone who has had to skip a class because there was no more equipment appreciates the sheer availability of the MYXfitness bike. You’ll never have to arrive early to throw your towel over a bike to “save” it.

Personal trainers on demand

We don’t mean to brag — well, maybe we do — but MYXfitness certified trainers are the best of the best. With varied backgrounds in health, fitness, and professional dance, MYX trainers are also real people with real kids, jobs, pets, and lives — just like you. And they’ll show up for you when you need them to help you crush your fitness goals.

With varied workout options, convenience, and support, MYX is one investment you’ll keep using — and not as a clothing rack.

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