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Choose the Right Activewear For You

Choose the Right Activewear For You

Shopping for activewear can feel like sensory overload. With an excess of products vying for your attention, how do you choose the right pieces for your workouts and lifestyle? Should you invest in premium performance gear? How do you determine what’s a high-quality piece?

We asked MYXfitness Coaches Dan and Christina to weigh in on the activewear game. Plus, we scored insider tips from Nate Checketts, CEO and founder of Rhone, a brand making waves in the men’s athleisure department.

Q: How do you choose your activewear?

Dan: When I'm training on my own, I prioritize function. I ask myself, "Will I be able to complete all the necessary lifts, exercises, or circuits without this fabric scratching, tearing, or getting in the way?" 

Christina: The right support is so important. I should not have to constantly adjust my sports bra or pull up my leggings. High-waisted is my best friend.

Rhone makes the selection process easier! 

Rhone Pro Tip: Rhone’s purpose is to create the best fitting, most durable and well-functioning apparel to help men perform at their best, even on their toughest days. No matter what life throws at you, we want to help you continue to push forward so you can reach your goals.

Q: Are there colors or trends you love right now? 

Dan: In group settings, I go for louder looks with bright, solid colors and busier patterns on shoes, socks, and compression wear. I’m a big fan of men’s shorts with liners.

Christina: I’m not a color person. I own several pairs of black leggings: seamless for barre, pilates, and yoga; thicker, more supportive fits for cardio and HIIT workouts.

It's all about the technology!

Rhone Pro Tip: Rhone activewear is premium apparel that works for your lifestyle. Our line of Polartec®️ DeltaTM polos go from office to gym. The new Reign polo even features GOLDFUSION™ anti-odor technology in the fabric.

Q: Why should we invest in high-quality workout clothes?

Dan: True high-quality activewear withstands intense workouts and holds up through many wash cycles. Some of my best pieces are over five years old.

Christina: I invest in leggings and sports bras to avoid back issues. My favorite leggings don’t roll down or hike up. I buy them in multiples if I really like the fit and functionality.

Quality counts for the long run! 

Rhone Pro Tip: There are important performance elements to a premium product. For Rhone, key focus points include the fabric we pick, the cut and fit of each silhouette, and the ability for our final products to hold up structurally and functionally.

Q: What’s your best advice for choosing premium pieces?

Dan: If you’re spending more, you should be buying less. Premium workout clothes shouldn’t be fast fashion. They should get you through tough workouts without wear and tear.

Christina: If you’re trying on new leggings for yoga, practice a few poses in them. Workout clothes for women are often see-through, so check them out in the sunlight. And look for sweat-wicking fibers.

Question yourself!

Rhone Pro Tip: Ask yourself what you like and dislike about your current activewear. Do you prefer lightweight shirts? Do you dislike visible sweat marks? Answering questions like these can make shopping easier.

Make sure to check out the Rhone website to learn more about their 'Forever Forward' mission, which simple put is, "To get up every time you fall, to advance after you fall behind, and to improve each and every day." MYX is happy to partner with such an innovative and motivational brand.

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