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From Hockey Player To Your MYX Coach

From Hockey Player To Your MYX Coach

By: Joey Thurman, MYX Coach

I slowly grab my laces in anticipation of what is about to come. With each pull towards the top of my skate, the boot gets tighter and tighter while my anticipation of what to come makes my heart beat faster and faster.

I can feel the immense excitement coursing through my veins. I can’t wait to step on to that ice, feel the power beneath my feet, and the wind in my face as I pick up speed.

I would skate in circles with my teammates and look up in the stands to find my parents with anticipation for the puck to drop. I was just a boy then and that is when I first fell in love with the game of hockey.

Fast forward a couple of decades or so and that excitement hasn’t left me. The modality is different, but the same feeling I got when I laced up my skates now consumes me when I’m about to workout. The joy that I felt as a kid never spoke to me as work, or “working out.” What I felt was pure fun! 

I didn’t realize that what I was doing as a kid was good for my health, I just knew how it made me feel. I still get that excitement every time I strap on a mic, grab my shoes, and clip into the bike to teach a MYX spin or weight training class.

I LOVE being able to take my energy and pass it through the camera so that the person on the other end can absorb that love and pass it back to me! 

How do we take the excitement of the little kid in all of us and create something that is fun and will also increase our healthspan? 

The key is to truly not think about the fitness aspect of what you are doing, but the anticipation of the actual event itself! Sure, there are times when I know that I need to do a workout and I’m tired, sore, and in a bad mood, but I don’t focus on that. Instead, I make a subtle mind shift.

I go back to why I am working out and how it will make me feel. I think about how I will feel if I skip my workout. Will it matter if I miss one workout? Probably not, but will it matter in my mind? YES!

Let’s get back to being a kid again, smiling ear to ear, and “lacing up” for the FUN of fitness!

Thank you for allowing me to be your MYX Coach! 

Joey Thurman playing hockey

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