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Get in the Zone with Heart Rate Monitoring

Get in the Zone with Heart Rate Monitoring

Written by: Garner Pilat, MYX Coach

Picture this. You’re on the bike, dripping sweat, and pushing yourself to the max, or at least it feels that way. What if there were an objective way to measure intensity? There is, and it’s called heart rate monitoring. 

We partner with Polar to offer every MYX customer a Polar OH-1 Heart Rate Monitor so we can integrate zone-based heart rate training to maximize efficiency in every workout. This allows you to get the most out of your workout every time. 

Using a heart rate monitor is an objective way of measuring exercise intensity. It takes the guesswork out of your cardiovascular training because you’re able to see how your body responds to movement in real time. Heart rate and exercise have a causal relationship, meaning that one affects the other. 

However, the extent of the relationship varies. A heart rate monitor is effective because no two bodies respond to exercise identically. Genetics and body type factor into physical responses. Wearing a monitor can help you recognize if you're undertraining, overtraining, or if you’ve hit the sweet spot. 

It’s also helpful for the sake of comparison. After all, if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. When you wear a monitor, you can track your performance across repeat workouts. Returning to your normal heart rate in less time means you’re getting fitter and your heart stronger.

Many MYX members swear by interval training because it helps condition your body to adapt to changes in your environment. Your heart rate naturally fluctuates between zones when you’re doing these types of workouts. The goal is to get your heart rate down to as low as possible during the recovery. This will serve you well off the bike because you’ll be more physically able to handle stressors that come your way.

In short, science can be your secret weapon when it comes to getting more out of your workouts.

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