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Get Loose: The Case for the Warm-Up

Get Loose: The Case for the Warm-Up

It seems everywhere you look people are looking for new ways to do everyday tasks in less time. Solutions such as  meal kits and Amazon Prime help busy people save precious time. So it makes sense that some apply the same mindset to fitness. However, even when trying to streamline your workout, do not skip the warm-up! No matter how short the session or the nature of your workout, a warm-up helps deliver optimal results.

Think of the anatomy of a workout like the layers of a cake. Each one builds on the next;  you can’t have a quality workout without all of the components. We realize this might be easier said than done. Juggling co-mingled home and work duties has made scheduling a workout more difficult. Some might find motivation waning and their anxiety peaking. However, you’re not doing your body or your mind any favors when you forgo a warmup. 

Here’s why warming up is a necessity and not a luxury:

A Wakeup Call for Brain and Body

Warmup exercises are a way to help your body ease into movement so it’s not jarred when you dive into the “main course” of the workout. The goal is to increase your heart rate and boost circulation so your body, especially the heart, is prepared to handle what’s next. 

Warming up increases body temperature, which can decrease the likelihood of injury. Similarly, elevated temperature improves nerve transmission and muscle metabolism, which is a fancy way of saying your muscles will perform faster and with greater ease.

Up the Ante on Performance

There’s no disputing the mind-body connection. Beyond the physical, workout warm-ups allow you to re-center and visualize what peak performance looks like. This helps when you are running from one thing to the next all day. Just a few minutes in this mindset can help you get more out of the workout, because you’ve put in the mental work of visualization, such as clearing your mind and focusing on the goal at hand.

While no two workouts are the same, follow the warm-up rule to maximize results. You can get your heart rate up in a matter of seconds, and all MYX workouts include a warm-up to get you primed and ready for what’s to come. No need to overthink it; just like the cooldown, the best warm-up is the one you do!

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