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Get those good (sound) vibrations

Get those good (sound) vibrations

By MYX Coach Dyan Tsiumis

I often get asked a myriad of questions from students and clients about sound healing. What is it? What are the benefits? How did you start?  So, I thought I’d do a full download and share it all—especially since it’s such a gift to have this modality at your fingertips right here on the MYX app.

Vibrational therapy may seem like a strange addition to your fitness journey, but hopefully after reading this (and after your first sound bath experience) you’ll have a better sense of why you should press play. 

My first sound bath experience

I was first introduced to Tibetan singing bowls in 2015, when I was a teacher at Soul Camp, a wellness weekend getaway for adults. There were lots of different offerings at Camp: essential oil classes, yoga, fitness (I was teaching Bootcamp), and … a sound bath. I had no idea what this was, but the teacher and I were in the same instructor bunk, and everyone was riveted by her stories about her work. That was it. I was in for class.

My first sound bath was a magical experience, and took place in a treehouse. Our teacher, Kathy, began to play the bowls for about 25 people and the sound vibrated to my core. At one point she put a bowl on my heart and the tears began to flow. I know, not shocking for those of you who take my workouts ... I'm a crier. But these tears weren't of sadness; they were from finally feeling at home, at peace, like I was in the perfect place. It was truly a special moment.  


After that session I told Kathy, "I'm gonna do this!" Which to me meant I was going to attend every session with her that I could. But she knew differently. Over the course of a few months I became a certified Atma Buti Tibetan singing bowl practitioner. I learned how the sounds of the bowls affect the body and how by playing different bowls in various ways we can shift our energy. 

The healing benefits of sound

Each bowl resonates at a different frequency or, in other words,  plays a note. By putting the different notes together, we can elicit a variety of responses in the body. Each specific bath may have a targeted benefit such as grief or anxiety relief, or general chakra cleansing, but the overarching benefits of all sound healings are these: 

  • Stress and hypertension relief
  • Improved circulation
  • Deeper, fuller breathing
  • Rested wakefulness
  • Less tension and anxiety
  • Reduced anger and frustration

Sound baths are also said to boost immunity and accelerate healing, including soothing physical aches and pains. And who doesn’t need more of that?


There is so much noise and energy around us all the time, and it can leave us  out of sync, or “out of tune.”  The bowls’ vibrations  help us to rebalance and find the space within ourselves to remember, and more importantly feel, who we are.  Think of the bowls as tuning forks, and we are the instrument.


You can listen to singing bowl meditations right here on MYX. There are also practitioners around the country (and the world) like myself who host in-person sound baths. I encourage you to give it a try when it is safe to do so. 

If you’ve shied away from meditation because you worry your mind won’t stop racing—don’t worry. The bowls’ vibrations provide an external sound to focus on, and often they help to carry those thoughts away.  I've had many students say that listening to the bowls is the only way they can quiet their mind or fall asleep. (If you do fall asleep while listening, your body will still reap the benefits. How awesome is that?) 

I'm beyond grateful that I'm able to share this gift that has shifted my world. I hope you’ll give it a try. And when you do, be sure to tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #myxitup.

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