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Got goals? Our MYX members sure do.

Got goals? Our MYX members sure do.

Each time you work out, you’re showing up for yourself and your goals.  Wins can be different for everyone, but they all have a common theme. Progress motivates us. Whether you’re new to MYX or a longtime fan, we’re here to celebrate your wins and cheer you on as you work towards your goals. 

We asked some of our MYX members their goals for 2021. We feel so motivated by their responses. Share your goals with us by using #MYXItUp and tagging us on Instagram 

Consistency means momentum. One diligent MYXer plans to continue what they started in 2020: “Love #myxfitness - 79 workouts since the end of August! Goal for 2021 is 21 workouts each month.``

Our suite of workouts go the distance because you get results without spending hours breaking a sweat. One determined member agrees. “I have done 121 workouts since receiving my bike October 19th. Worked out every day in December.“

Science says it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit. “76 workouts and counting since I got my bike in October!” It’s safe to say this member is committed to forming healthy habits.

Workouts go fast with a high-energy coach in your corner. A dedicated community member says, “Just clocked in my 158th workout since I purchased in May. Loving all of the classes, especially Christina and Bri!” 

Hard work pays off in the form of improved self-confidence, as another member shared. “Lost 20 pounds and I’m feeling great.” 

MYX gives  you the freedom to level up when you’re ready. Take it from an enthusiastic fan who says, “I hit 105 workouts today and have loved them all. I'm feeling so much stronger. My medium weights are now light, and I'm reaching for my heavy weights for most workouts.” 

If there’s one thing MYX members love, it’s a challenge. Let’s hear it for one of our fans who says, “I'm so in love with my MYX bike. I've only had it for a few months but am loving it. I could barely do 15-20 minutes on the bike the first two weeks but now I can do up to an hour.”

Exercise is a form of self-care. In a world that demands so much from us, one wise member is choosing health. “Thanks, MYX! Getting my bike has motivated me to be healthier for myself and my family.” 

We couldn’t say it better ourselves. Thanks MYX members for sharing your experiences with us!

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