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Healthy competition, served up family style

Healthy competition, served up family style

There’s something to be said for healthy competition. Father and son duo Michael and Ben are faithful MYXfitness members who like to challenge each other on and off the bike. Michael’s wife Linda also joins in to motivate and encourage them. The three feed off each other’s energy and the positivity of the MYX coaches. 

Speaking of positivity, that’s exactly what prompted Michael to seriously consider MYX. “I read a lot of positive reviews,” says Michael. “Everybody loves the bike. Plus, I was drawn to the idea of monitoring  my progress.”

Ben agrees it was a wise investment in their family’s health. He’s impressed with the caliber of coaches and the variety of workouts. Linda adds the yoga workouts to her bike routine. 

Hearing this family’s story, Coach Lauren was intrigued by their dynamic. So we set up a chat between the four of them. Here’s a glimpse into their conversation. 

Coach Lauren: What’s your favorite way to MYX, as a family?

Linda: We’ve done a lot of workouts together, and it’s not unusual for us to get in the flow. We’ll do two or three workouts in a row. That’s impressive since I think Ben was a skeptic at first. Now, he’s a convert and embraces the MYX lifestyle.

Ben: I like to do a lot of mobility workouts. We do a couple of the 10-minute ones, multiple times a week. We also like Dan and Shaun’s bike workouts. Dan’s kettlebell workouts are tough, and we enjoy Donna’s yoga class. Everyone’s got great energy. They’re very positive. 

Coach Lauren: It’s nice to know that you love the bike workouts but you also make time for recovery and mobility, Ben. I love to hear that. That makes me so happy. How do you stay motivated?

Michael: Despite the harsh winter weather, the bike has allowed me to stay active, especially cardio-wise. I break up the day with shorter workouts. Plus, you don’t have to bundle up and drive to a gym. 

Ben: I am only 25, but I was having aches and pains from sitting all the time during the pandemic. The mobility classes help me avoid that discomfort. I also love the guided foam rolling sessions. I can just lay down and let it work its magic. 

Coach Lauren: Do you find yourself doing a lot of repeat workouts to see how you progress?

Michael: Yeah, there are a couple I have done multiple times. Initially, I think it’s important to find your favorites. Because you have all of these choices, it’s like walking into a hardware store. You need to find your way down the right aisle. 

Coach Lauren: I agree. SmartMYX™ is especially important for new members who want a little guidance and help in narrowing their focus. 

New member or not, you could be the next MYXfitness member to have a one-on-one with your favorite coach. Use #MYXitup on Instagram so we can find you.

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