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Hit the road (from home) with your own Tour de MYX

Hit the road (from home) with your own Tour de MYX

Summer usually brings the promise of sun, fun, and vacations. But for many, this year might look a little different in terms of travel. Even if you choose not to fly to exotic destinations, you can experience some of the world’s most beautiful places safely from the comfort of home, all while experiencing the health benefits of cycling, right from your MYX bike. 

If you haven’t tried the scenic rides on MYX, there’s no better time than summer. As the world’s elite cyclists take on the Tour de France starting on June 26, you can kick off your own “Tour de MYX” — no passport required.

What are MYX scenic rides?

Shaun, a seasoned MYX trainer, describes the scenic rides as a relaxing yet fitness-boosting experience. Found in the MYX Media tab, they’re pre-recorded rides, so you can take them at your own pace. Each ride winds through a different scenic locale, including the South Dakota Badlands, the Costa Rica mountains, the South of France, and the Alps. There’s a landscape to suit every mood when you’re ready to explore. 

“Just choose how long you want to ride, from 20 minutes all the way up to 60 minutes, then choose where you want to ride,” Shaun says. 

A focus on active relaxation

The scenic rides have no coaching or prompting — it’s just you, the landscape, and soothing background music. The idea is to encourage you to connect with the ride and take ownership of the experience, Shaun explains. You can still see your stats on your screen, to show that you’re still reaping the health benefits. (Be sure to wear your heart rate monitor.)

“Maybe you can’t take the vacation you wanted, but with MYX scenic rides, you can relax, calm your mind, and enjoy a beautiful landscape with flat roads and rolling hills,” says Shaun.

In addition to the fitness benefits of cycling, Shaun points out MYX’s scenic rides have a therapeutic and stress-relieving element. “With these rides, it’s like we’re actually riding together, not just working out. You get the same benefits of a trainer-led workout, but it’s low-stimulus.” 

Hit the road from home

Most of us can’t experience the Tour de France firsthand, but with your own personalized Tour de MYX, you can soak in the beautiful landscape of France (or whatever locale you choose) from the comfort of home. What’s your favorite MYX scenic ride? Share it with us on our Facebook page!

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