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In The MYX: Cardio Sculpt with @sweatsandthecity

In The MYX: Cardio Sculpt with @sweatsandthecity

Who is ready for a 5-minute cardio sculpt?! For the first workout of our In The MYX series Elizabeth and Dale of Sweats and the City (@sweatsandthecity on IG) are working out with MYX Coach Lauren Sambataro. This cardio sculpt class is perfect if you only have a small space to workout in.

For this workout, you will need a mat and a light set of dumbbells. Let’s get started!

Weighted Reverse Lunge: Start standing tall with arms extended and dumbbells by your sides. Take a giant step backward with one foot and lower the hips until you form a 90 degree angle with the front leg, and your back knee hovers close to the floor. Press off the front heel to return to standing and repeat with the opposite leg.

Dumbbell Jumping Jacks: Stand tall with elbows bent and dumbbells braced in front of the shoulders (tight to the body),jump feet out and in like a regular jumping jack. 

Bodyweight Lateral Lunge: Start standing tall with hips, knees and feet parallel. Take a giant step laterally and hinge at the hips as you bend the working leg towards a 90 degree angle. Supporting leg stays straight, and the spine tilts forward on a slight angle while the hips drive back behind you. Push off the working leg heel to return to standing, then repeat to the other side.

2 to 1 hop + Prisoner Arms: Standing tall with the hands behind the head, elbows wide, jump from 2 feet to 1 (think hopscotch!), shifting weight from right foot to both feet, to left foot, and back to both.

Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row: Feet hip-width apart, hinge at the hips, maintaining a neutral spine and braced core. Let arms hang perpendicular to the floor with a firm underhand grip (palms up) of the dumbbells. Activate the back muscles as you pull the elbows to the sky keeping them close to the ribcage and release back towards the floor with control. 

Dumbbell Power Switches: Standing with legs parallel, feet directly underneath the hips, and dumbbells braced in front of the shoulders (tight to the body). With speed and power, switch the feet front to back (about 12 inches between the heel of the front foot and the toes of the back foot). Maintain a tall posture, only the feet move!

Standing Biceps Windmill: Stand tall with one dumbbell in each hand, by your sides, palms facing up. Contract the biceps and bring the dumbbells up to belly button height, then externally rotate the shoulders so send the dumbbells out to your sides (still at waist height). Lower the dumbbells down to the side of your thighs, keeping the palms up. Reverse that motion to bring back to front/center, then lower back to the front of the thighs. Movement should create an upside-down U shape. 

Plank Ski Hops: Drop down to a high plank, shoulder over wrists, straight line from head to heels, neutral spine. Powerfully drive both knees diagonally up towards your triceps, keeping the hips as low as possible. Jump back to a high plank (starting position) and repeat to the other side. Move from right to center to left to center and quickly as possible. 

FINISHER: Forearm Plank Hold: Drop down to the elbows, making one straight line from head to heels. Pull navel to spine, contract glutes and continue to lengthen the spine as you hold this position.

So, what did you think!? Comment on our IG and let us know. Remember, it’s so important to cut out time for YOU this year.

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