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In The MYX: Kettlebells with @caralynmirand

In The MYX: Kettlebells with @caralynmirand

For our last of our In The MYX workout series, Caralyn Mirand teamed up with coach Christina LaGrega for this 5-minute kettlebell workout. Caralyn (and Christina!) are all about body positivity and finding the confidence within yourself. We hope you feel confident during this class. Feel free to check out the full length total body sculpt class on the MYX app. 

For this workout, you will need a mat and your kettlebell. Don’t have a kettlebell? No problem! You can use a dumbbell or a household object instead. 

Long Armed Kettlebell Grip Deadlift: Begin with feet hip distance apart holding kettlebell with both hands down in front of you.  Hinge forward at hips into a deadlift, keeping knees soft and spine long and neutral. Lift back up to starting position, squeezing glutes as you lift.

Double Handed Grip Deadlift to Catch Horns Grip into Narrow Squat: Repeat Deadlift from above but on lift, quickly bring KB up to shoulder height and release, catching KB by the “horns” (sides of the handle) while dropping into squat position.  Stand up and bring your hands back to the top of the KB handle to repeat.

Shoulder - Halo - Shoulder: Begin with feet hip distance apart, knees soft and tailbone pointing to floor.  With both hands on handles, bring the KB up to the right shoulder, elbows tucked in close to the body and thumbs gently touching the collarbone, circle your head with the KB and return to your right shoulder, lift the KB up and over your head to left shoulder and repeat.

Double Handed Swing: Begin with feet hip distance apart, knees soft and tailbone pointing to floor.  With both hands on handles of KB, bend your knees and pull KB back between your legs, as quickly and powerfully as possible,  drive your hips forward allowing KB to swing up no higher than shoulder height and repeat.  Note: Swing is driven by the lower body, avoid using arms to lift KB.

Feeling confident? Amazing! Leave us a comment on our Instagram if you tried this class.

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