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In The MYX: Quick Core with @yummertime

In The MYX: Quick Core with @yummertime

Especially this year, finding balance is key to your overall health and wellness. That’s why MYX has partnered with Chris and Brock of @yummertime who are strong believers in finding balance - especially when it comes to food and exercise. Along with MYX Coach Dyan they have created a workout that brings you exactly that. 

For this 5-minute ab workout, you will only need a mat! Let’s get started. 

Leg Lifts - Partner “Throw Downs”: Lay down with your back flat against the ground. Have your partner stand (or have a heavy dumbell placed) above your head and grab their ankles with your hands for grounding (or your dumbell). Keeping your legs straight, seal your inner thighs together and lift your legs up so that your feet are pointed at the ceiling. Your partner pushes your feet back down and then you lift them back up again. If you don’t have a partner, you can do it without them pushing your feet back down! Keep your low back connected to the floor or your mat the entire time. Repeat this motion for 60 seconds.

Crunch with Alt. Knee Rotation: Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet placed flat on the ground and hip width apart. Place your fingertips lightly behind your head with your elbows wide. Engage your core muscles to lift up off the floor one vertebrae at a time and then twist at the top of the seated position so that your right elbow drives to the outside of your left knee as you drive your left knee towards your chest. Lower your body back to the starting position (again one vertebrae at a time) as you lower your left foot down. Next time you "sit up" switch twisting sides so your left elbow drives to the outside of your right knee. Repeat (alternating sides) for 60 seconds

Tuck ups (option to V ups): Lie on your back with legs extended and arms overhead by the ears, knees bent and your feet flat on ground. Use the strength of your core muscles to sit up as tall as you can, drive your knees towards your chest and your hands towards your shins. Use your strength to hold and balance on your sit bones at top of the movement. Keep the core pulled in and return to the starting position by rolling back down with control and resistance. The slower you go, the more your core will work. If you need some extra assistance, use your hands to help you by placing your hands or forearms by your hips. To add a challenge keep your legs straight as you lower and lift (V Up). Repeat for 60 seconds.

Hip Dips: Begin in a side lying position with your forearm resting on the floor. Place your elbow directly underneath your shoulder. Lift your hips and form a straight line from your shoulders through your ankles. Slowly allow the hips to dip getting close to touching the floor and return back to your starting position.   Repeat for 30 seconds and then switch sides.

Who says you need a long workout to get that core burning! It’s all about balance and fitting your workouts in when you can - even if you only have 5-minutes. 

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