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It’s time to spring clean your workout

It’s time to spring clean your workout

What gets you excited for spring? More time outside? A little spring cleaning, maybe?  “I love reorganizing my closet and packing up my sweaters and coats,” says Coach Donna. “Spring cleaning helps me start the season with a clean slate.” Maybe you’ve also thought about tidying your space or brightening up your wardrobe for the new season, but what about cleaning up your fitness routine? With warmer weather, spring brings new workout opportunities, and the feeling of newness gets us excited to sweep away the old and welcome new habits and goals. Want to hit “refresh” on your workout? Check out the coaches’ best spring fitness ideas.

Check in with your fitness goals

“Spring is a time to take stock of how you feel,” says Coach Jesse. Think back to January. Did you set any resolutions for your workouts? "Your goals may change season to season, and that’s normal,” she says. “You may want to revise old goals or set new spring fitness goals that make sense where you are now on your fitness journey.”

Try a morning workout

Excited for daylight savings time? So is Coach Miriam. “I’ll admit, I don’t always go for a morning sweat-sesh in the winter. When it's light outside, I feel motivated to wake up earlier and start my day with a workout. But first, I take time to sit, breathe, and enjoy my coffee,” she says.

Embrace the outdoors

“Spring is the perfect time to bring your workout outside,” says Coach Donna. "Have a yard or green space nearby? Grab a mat, download the MYX app on your phone, and choose a yoga or floor workout,” she says.

“Try a mini-band workout!" says Coach Kristin. For spring cardio, she also loves trail running, coupled with nature walks for active recovery. Just remember, if you’re exercising outside in the spring, you’re probably going to sweat more than you did in the winter or fall. “I always need to remind myself to drink more water this time of year!” 

Choose the right fuel

Need a break from cold-weather comfort food? MYX it up on your plate with in-season fruits and veggies. Coach Jesse loves swapping root vegetables for kale, broccoli, and spinach.

“Spring feels new and fresh, so it’s my favorite time to test out new recipes with fresh produce,” says Coach Miriam. Need ideas? Try these spring salad recipes.

Take on a new challenge

Want a more energized spring workout? Challenge yourself! “Sixty-minute workouts can feel intimidating, so make it your goal to finish one by the end of the season,” suggests Coach Davanna.

“Have you tried our Peak Performance program? If not, this would be a great place to start,” says Coach Jesse.

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