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Last Minute Health and Fitness Gifts

Last Minute Health and Fitness Gifts

We all have that one family member, friend, or coworker who is head over heels obsessed with health and fitness. Not sure what to give that one person who has every trendy piece of athleisure? Our Last Minute Health and Fitness Guide is here to help!

Phone Cord Hair Ties

There’s nothing worse than the pain of a hair tie that’s too tight on your head, especially when it’s during a workout. With that being said, the best gift you can give someone who suffers from a hair tie headache is a pack of phone chord hair ties

Photo of Phone Cord Hair Ties

Bala Bangles 

Bala Bangles are the perfect gift for your fitness friend who is always on the go. In a wide variety of colors, and two weight options, Bala Bangles are both fitness-focused and chic. They can be worn around your wrist or ankle! If you’re looking for a more cost-effective alternative, check out what Amazon has to offer. 

Photo of Pink Bala Bangles

Camelbak Water Bottle 

We all know somebody who is constantly dehydrated. This holiday, give the gift of an Eddy+ 20 Oz Bottle to make sure that they’re staying hydrated and looking stylish. Plus, the bite valve is designed to be anti-spill, so they can use it at work or during a sweat sesh!

Photo of Camelbak Water Bottle

Moisturizer For Dry Skin

As much as we love the winter, the winter doesn’t always love our skin. Moisturizer is something that we all should use this time of year but is especially necessary for the active people in our lives. Take a look at SELF’s 16 Best New Skin-Care Products for Dry Skin to figure out which brand would look the best gift wrapped. 

Polar OH1 Optical Heart Rate Sensor

The Polar OH1 is a heart rate monitor that your health-conscious friend or family member can use to measure their beats per minute during a workout. Heart rate zone training is the most effective way to track your fitness development over time. For this reason, the Polar OH1 might just be the best gift given this holiday season!

The Polar OH1 Optical Heart Rate Sensor

Fun fact: The Polar OH1 heart rate monitor is included in the MYX and MYX Plus to make up the most individualized, motivating in-home fitness system ever created. Click here to check it out!

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