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Laugh: It’s Good For You

Laugh: It’s Good For You

It’s hard to beat the satisfaction that follows a long bout of laughter. A smile breaks through, a weight lifts, and euphoria takes over. Laughing out loud leaves the heart happy. According to science, laughter can protect the cardiovascular system by increasing blood flow and reducing artery inflammation

We know stress impairs the immune system and negatively impacts our health. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, combat these effects with laughter. Laughing reduces stress as it lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. Tension flees your body, and your muscles relax. And the feel-good sensations? Laughter not only decreases your stress hormone levels but also releases endorphins in your brain.

We can always use more laughter in our lives. Try these nine tips to laugh more every day.

  1. Laugh at yourself. We all make mistakes. Find the humor in them. Just remember, self-deprecation is not the goal. 
  2. Spend time with positive, funny people. Some people are just born funny. Bask in their comedic glory. Shared laughs can strengthen bonds and help us form new ones.
  3. Play a game. Invite family or friends to a game night, whether it’s at home or over Zoom. Think charades, Heads Up!, or Minute to Win It.  The goofy performances will have everyone laughing out loud.
  4. Spend time with your kids. Ask your kids to tell a story or explain something complex. The results will probably spark some laughter. In general, kids laugh more than adults, so they may even teach you a thing or two.
  5. Play with a pet. Our furry friends can be so amusing. Join your dog in her playful mishaps and adventures. She’ll love the extra attention. Cat owners can sit back and observe their quirky feline’s mischievous antics. 
  6. Make a scrapbook of happy memories. Thinking back on pleasant moments can give you a laugh, and so will recounting your stories with others.
  7. Watch a silly movie. Sometimes slapstick beats sophistication. If you don’t know where to start, just pick an Adam Sandler film. Giggles are practically guaranteed. 
  8. Visit a comedy club or watch a comedy special. Now you can enjoy standup from the comfort of your living room. Most of your favorite comedians have online content. Search them on Netflix or Instagram. When clubs open back up, grab a ticket to see them in action. 
  9. Follow funny accounts on social media. Choose witty memes or wagging tails, whatever makes you smile. When you scroll through Instagram on your coffee break, now you can expect an extra laugh.

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