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Less is More: Fall in Love with HIIT

Less is More: Fall in Love with HIIT

When it comes to fitness, it doesn’t always have to be a case of “go big or go home.”  If you’re tight on time, you can absolutely benefit from a brief, efficient workout that will have you on your way in no time.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) can be your answer to quality over quantity. This type of fat-burning exercise is marked by repeated brief bursts of intense effort alternating with recovery periods. And despite its reputation for being hardcore, it’s actually user-friendly for all fitness levels.

The Power of HIIT

The anatomy of the workout is what makes HIIT training different from other types of exercise. You should alternate between high and low-intensity exercise for maximum results, so it’s not limited to cardio activity only. For a well-rounded session, be sure to mix in strength training, too. For example, you might lunge for 45 seconds and rest for 15, and then repeat on the other side, and follow that with more high intensity burpees. With HIIT training, you may be able to forgo equipment altogether, which makes HIIT training a great option when you’re traveling. 

Whether you choose strength or cardio for your bursts, make it challenging. To reap the benefits of HIIT, you need to put in serious effort and err on the side of vigorous- In other words, you should get out of breath!

HIIT Benefits

HIIT training can pay dividends in terms of overall health and wellness, which studies have confirmed. If you get your heart rate up with short spurts of activity, your body will use more oxygen and burn more calories when it returns to its resting state. HIIT may also decrease body fat more than other forms of exercise. So take inventory of your fitness level, goals, and available time and design a customized plan, with cross-training in mind.

HIIT training is a format you can use anytime, to work smarter, not harder, and maximize your time and results. MYXfitness offers HIIT workouts in durations from 10-30 minutes, both on and off the bike, as well as a variety of cross-training options, so you can balance your HIIT days with yoga or strength work across multiple modalities.  

So if you only have time for a quick workout,  don’t sweat it and opt for HIIT!

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