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Losing the Lockdown Blues

Losing the Lockdown Blues

We are all at different stages of reopening. But, no matter where you live, summer is going to look different than previous years. It’s easy to feel sad and discouraged at this thought, but instead of singing the lockdown blues, we can use this time to build new, healthy habits. Here are some ways to approach the upcoming summer months with a positive attitude.

Organize A Staycation Retreat

While it may not be possible to escape to an organized weekend retreat, featuring structured alone time and self-care,  Think of this lockdown period as unconventional with free time for personal renewal. You can set aside time daily to enjoy “retreat” activities, perhaps starting with a morning workout and ending with a soothing bath. 

Many popular retreats encourage healthy lifestyles through healthy eating and moving your body. These are two approaches that translate easily to your home. Take advantage of this new normal to explore new cuisine and food habits that are best for your body and go for it. 

Consider incorporating stretching or yoga into your retreat time as well as calming music and outdoor exercise. 

You can also create good feng shui for your retreat by brightening up the room and clearing your space. 

Is It Wednesday?

Artist, banker, or bounty hunter, we are all creatures of habit, accustomed to a certain amount of organization in your life. With our structured life disrupted, time is clumping together. Is it Tuesday or Saturday? Weekday or weekend?

It’s important to make sure your weekday and weekend schedules are different. If you are still working, make sure you focus on that during the weekdays. If you are not currently working, you can still have a more structured week by working on house projects, reading, or cooking. Weekends should be dedicated to relaxation. Order takeout, watch movies, get outside, and allow yourself to rest and rejuvenate. Maybe, your weekends follow no schedule at all! By doing this, it will help you to set boundaries between your workweek and your weekend. 

Setting up new habits during the lockdown helps you renew the structure in your life. Those who isolate as part of their jobs stress the need to differentiate time. So set up a routine and do the same things in the same order every weekday, making the weekends different. According to health experts, setting up a routine can also positively impact your health in ways you might not expect such as improving your sleep and lowering stress. 

Find Time to Laugh

Laughter can lighten up your mood and your day, so go ahead and let it out. A good laugh can relieve your stress response, reduce physical symptoms of anxiety, and improve your immune system. the science of laughter which reveals a host of health benefits. If you can’t think of anything to laugh about, watch funny You-Tube videos, play with goofy pets, or just fake the longest, weirdest laugh ever. It will turn into a real one.

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