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Make every day self-care day

Make every day self-care day

Enough sleep? Check. Healthy, balanced meals? Check. Exercise and time to take care of yourself? Check. This probably sounds like a fantasy, since most people find it a challenge to schedule time for regular self-care. To help you find some zen without adding another item to your calendar, MYX trainer Donna shared five easy, at-home ideas with us.

Every single one of us needs to make taking care of ourselves a priority, so you can check on your well-being and take inventory of what you need in order to be your best self. Donna uses yoga as one of her self-care methods. She says that being in a deep, conscious relationship with yourself allows you to have the awareness and information you need to take the next steps to the strongest you.

Plenty of research points to the need for self-care time. Most of us might schedule a self-care day every once in a while — heading to a spa, taking an afternoon alone to read a book, or scheduling a monthly meet-up with friends — but only when it’s convenient. For others, Self-care Sunday, a social media trend about weekly self-TLC, is a useful reminder to take time for ourselves. But taking care of ourselves shouldn’t require a hashtag or a calendar. Our fab five can be done every single day to reap the benefits.

Take a deep breath

Just breathing right can lift your spirits and lower your stress. The more consistently you practice focused breathwork, the more benefits you will reap (like toned muscles and anti-inflammatory effects). Even just a few daily deep breaths can decrease cortisol levels and reduce blood pressure.

Take five and do nothing

That’s right. Between your meetings or before you start the next item on your to-do list, just sit down and do absolutely nothing. And if you take your five-minute break outdoors, give yourself bonus points for listening to nature’s song.

Move it, move it, move it

Like King Harvest sang, you can’t dance and stay uptight. So play that song you love, stand up, scream the lyrics, move your hips, and shake it off, T. Swift style. Whatever you do, however you move, you’ll reap stress-reducing rewards.

Dig into something you love

Whether it’s your favorite Netflix binge or snacking on a savory treat, science says treating yourself with a “guilty pleasure” should actually induce no guilt at all.

Find reasons to laugh

It turns out that laughter really is the best medicine. Whether it’s a belly laugh, a fit of the giggles, or laughing until you cry, laughter helps reduce inflammation and stress hormones, improves your circulation, and boosts your immune system. 

Taking the time you need for an impromptu dance party, phone call, or a funny YouTube video really can make a big difference.

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