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Manage stress with these hacks

Manage stress with these hacks

Picture this: it’s 4 p.m. on a Tuesday and your boss emails with a last-minute request. The puppy has an accident on your new rug. And your toddler is asking for a snack. Ugh...what’s a busy working parent to do? First, take a deep breath and acknowledge that this, too, shall pass. Then, look at practical ways to relieve stress. It’s a good idea to take stock of your self-care routine. Healthy habits and coping mechanisms can set you up for success.

Set your priorities 

Coach Justin is big on crafting a plan to reduce stress. “On Sunday nights, I write down what I want to accomplish and carve out time in my schedule for self-care, whether it's a yoga class, meditation, meeting up with a friend, or enjoying an early morning coffee and a walk. This helps me get focused, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed when starting the week.”

Try art therapy

Do you want to tune out the world for a while? Coach Davanna looks to creative outlets as ways to relieve stress. “I like to color, whether it’s grabbing a piece of paper or an actual coloring book,” she says. “It helps my mind focus on something other than what’s weighing on me.” In other words, coloring can be art therapy.

Get outside your comfort zone

Taking action by doing something can help burn off nervous energy. Coach Davanna encourages members to explore a new hobby.  She says, “Trying new things can give you space from the things that are stressing you out."

Tune out the world

Coach Jesse finds meditation helps to reduce stress. “Active meditation is really important to me,” she says. “It helps balance me, especially at the end of the night. I'll do a controlled breathing exercise anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes, depending on how much stress relief I might need.”

Look to Mother Nature

The great outdoors can be your secret weapon in feeling more grounded. Some people find they can calm their nervous system by getting outside. Coach Jesse is among them. “There’s a trail system across the street from my house,” she says. “I love getting out there and going for a jog or a hike. Just being in nature removes all of the drama from the news, work, and life in general.”

So, how about doing yourself a favor and letting today’s cares melt away, even if just for a few minutes? You deserve it!

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