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Meet the New York couple MYX-ing love and fitness

Meet the New York couple MYX-ing love and fitness

You know the couple who finish each other’s sentences and seem perfect for each other? MYX Coach Shaun and his wife Leah, married for 15 years, that’s them. They met while living and working in Ohio as dancers before moving to New York City. Leah works as an instructor at Harlem Cycle, and Shaun is MYX’s resident cycling, sculpt, and meditation expert. With our favorite romantic holiday approaching, they’ve teamed up to shoot a partner workout video. This led us to wonder how they make their relationship work professionally and personally.

Q: What’s it like to work in the same industry?

Shaun: We have similar methodologies and mindsets when it comes to fitness. It’s about making it fully holistic — mind, body, and spirit. But we have different approaches. I’m a lot more cardio- and strength-based. Leah is more about fluidity, lengthening, and stability. So when we design our programming, we each bring something different to the table.

Leah: It’s been exciting to see our evolution as fitness trainers, coaches, instructors, and workout partners. We balance each other well because we see things differently, which is a strong point. As partners and fitness professionals, we learn and grow from each other, so we don't get stuck in one area. 

Q: How do you mix the personal and professional sides of your lives?

Leah: Last year gave us time to pause, reflect, and determine what’s most important to us. It reminded us to be kinder with each other because we’re both in fitness — which takes a lot of time and energy. Sometimes that means reminding each other to practice self-care. When you're able to take care of yourself, you're able to show up more for your significant other. 

Q: What advice do you have for MYX members who want to work out with their partner?

Shaun: You need to trust your partner and also be able to be vulnerable around them  — you don’t have to do everything right or always be at your best. It’s also important to support each other by sharing your goals, even if they seem too big, or too small. 

Got #partnergoals yourself? See how Shaun and Leah push and inspire each other in this partner workout video.

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