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Music, books, and blogs to boost your mood

Music, books, and blogs to boost your mood

Food is fuel, right? If you eat well, you keep your healthy lifestyle efforts on track. The media you consume is no different. Focus on the noisy opinions social media can offer and you may walk away from a 30-minute scroll sesh feeling heavy or upset. Instead, listen to or read materials that uplift you and you’ll be charged up to think, act, and become the best version of you. 

Check out these fitness podcasts, wellness blogs, inspiring playlists, and book recommendations as offered by our super lineup of MYX trainers.

Wellness blog

Want science-backed health and wellness info delivered by some of the top sports medicine experts in the business? Head over to the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) blog. Justin is a huge fan of the NASM blogs: “They offer a lot of updated content about training, health, and wellness,” he says. 

Fitness podcasts

While the “The School of Greatness” podcast is hosted by former All-American athlete Lewis Howes, the content of this amazing podcast goes well beyond fitness. Because whatever you take away from Shaun’s favorite listen, you’ll be moved to apply it to every element of your life — your health journey, professional aspirations, family life, and more.

Miriam’s favorite is “Hurdle,” by Emily Abbate. This podcast’s host gets into the nitty-gritty with all of her top-level interviewees, including CEOs and professional athletes, asking why and how each person achieved their incredible success. 

Must-read book

New York Times best-selling author Jay Shetty dropped his book, “Think Like a Monk,” last year. Based on the time Shetty spent training as a monk in a Hindu ashram, Shaun’s recommendation dives into how to generate inner peace, subdue anxiety, and remain calm in the midst of chaos.

Inspiring playlist

Need a quick pick-me-up? Keep it simple and throw on your favorite tunes. Bri swears by a selection of music uppers in the Workout Twerkout Spotify Playlist.

What’s your go-to choice? Share it with us over on Facebook.

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