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MYX Celebrates International Women’s Day

MYX Celebrates International Women’s Day

We have many inspiring women here at MYX, so Women’s History Month (March) gives us a lot to celebrate — especially on International Women’s Day. We caught up with three of our female coaches to talk about what it means to be a female role model at this time and in this world. 

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Coach Donna: I have daughters, and I also have my own identity, passions, and interests. I want to show my girls that they can do it all.

Coach Christina: We’re celebrating female leaders who’ve accomplished amazing feats. I think it’s important to teach girls that if they work hard, the sky's the limit. So, as a mom, I don’t hide my hard work from my kids.

Coach Jesse: From a fitness perspective, for so long we only saw women doing cardio. I love that girls see women doing strength training now. It helps them realize I can pick up this kettlebell (and this suitcase) by myself. It’s empowering. 

Tell us about the women who inspire you.

Coach Donna: I learned a lot from my first yoga teacher. Like me, she went back to school later in life and became a licensed social worker and counselor. She inspired me to grow and apply my knowledge from yoga and fitness to other parts of my career.

Coach Christina: This may sound cheesy, but I’m inspired by the moms who go out, get what they want, do their jobs, show up when they’re tired, and aren’t afraid to cry, cheer, ask for help, and offer help.

Coach Jesse: When I was younger, I watched a TV show with a fitness instructor who didn’t have the stereotypical body type represented in the industry. She was strong and fit, someone I could relate to as I began my career.

How do you hope to inspire women who take your classes?

Coach Donna: A lot of our members are moms. I want to inspire them to make time for themselves because I think you can be a great mom without sacrificing your goals — fitness or otherwise.

Coach Christina: It’s tough to juggle so much in the priority box, so I try to be extremely transparent when it comes to my mistakes. I want to inspire women to persevere through the setbacks in their fitness journeys.

Coach Jesse: I’d like to empower women of all shapes and sizes to feel healthy and strong. I know it can be intimidating for women to walk into a gym, so I want to arm our members with knowledge to feel confident.

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