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Think about the world’s greatest athletes. They have something in common you might not realize. While they may be elite swimmers, skiers, cyclists, runners, etc., likely they don’t dedicate all of their training time to their respective activity when preparing for prime time. Olympic athletes swear by cross-training to prepare themselves for intense competition. 

Professional and novice athletes alike know it’s important to add variety to their workout routines to stay balanced and avoid hitting a plateau. Let’s face it, our body can and does adapt to a regular workout, but we’re more motivated by embracing variety according to a 2018 study. In other words, cross-training may be your secret weapon in hitting your stride. Cardio, mobility, stretching, and strength training are tried-and-true ways to help your body in more ways than one. Benefits of cross-training include reduced chance of injury, greater aerobic capacity, increased strength and flexibility, better quality of life, and longevity.

These scientifically-backed perks are exactly why we have integrated cross-training into our workouts. Browse our extensive workout library, and you’ll find a wide selection of programs.

“MYX Fitness offers a cross-training section on our platform, which includes workouts that hit two or more of the exercise pillars of strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility,” says Shannon-Hathaway, MYX Fitness director of fitness. “You don't have to think about it. You can just press play!” 

Maybe you’re not lacking inspiration but need something focused on your specific goals. You asked for it, and MYX delivered. Just in time for summer activities like running and hiking, our 4-week program gives you the confidence to perform at your best. You’ll build strength and increase mobility, which will in turn help your cardio performance. 

“Our current Outdoor Cardio Cross-Training program utilizes cross-training to enhance performance in whatever area you want to improve,” says Shannon-Hathaway. “Sure, you can learn to (insert skill here), but with cross-training, you'll be better at it and less prone to injury.”

As far as specifics go, make it a goal to cross-train at least once or twice a week, replacing your typical workout. You can do a new workout routine each day or more than one in a day if you’re feeling bold. Most importantly, “MYX it up!” You’ll see results.

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