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MYX tips to boost your workout results

MYX tips to boost your workout results

Whether you've taken a break from working out, allowed February’s consistent snow blasts to slow your efforts, or trudged through the winter with as much tenacity as always, MYX is here to help you get motivated by stepping up your spring workouts to get the most out of them.

Our MYX coaches offer some encouraging words to help you boost your current gym time or regain your confidence to move through an energizing spring exercise session. Their inspiring words and tips can help motivate us as we look forward to warmer weather.  

Go for the (small) win

No one wakes up and decides to run a marathon, or even a 5k that day. It begins with taking small steps instead of  focusing on an end goal that is months away. Start by getting up and moving (even if that’s just adding an extra staircase or two to your day). “Any sort of movement is a win in our book,” our MYX coaches agree. Treat working out like a crescendo, where you start small and build up to more aggressive efforts. Get some sort of win from your workout.

When you can achieve and celebrate small goals, even ones you didn’t set, you’ll see how much untapped potential you have. And that, my friend, can keep you moving from one spring exercise to the next.

Or the BIG win!

Set a goal, make a plan, and watch the best version of you materialize on your way to achieving it. Goal-setting in itself is proven to keep you moving toward the stronger, more confident you. You’ll also experience energy, strength, sleep routine, and mental health gains, all of which will keep you laser-focused on the finish line you’re working toward.

Choose fun

It’s as easy as it sounds. Choose a workout you like. Then, set your mind to enjoying the time you’re giving your body to get stronger. The next step is to love your body’s power! There’s zero fun being critical of yourself, because you will always find something you want to improve. So celebrate yourself and celebrate your dedication to your spring exercise efforts.

Ready to take the HIIT?

A HIIT workout has so many benefits — it’s practically an endless list — but here are two spring-specific workout perks to integrating HIIT blasts into your routine. One: HIIT workouts undoubtedly mean you’re going to break a sweat. This helps acclimate your body to warm-weather workouts, so it’s more efficient in cooling off. Second: tacking a HIIT to any workout quickly intensifies the work, and your desired results — endurance, strength, weight loss, and mood.

Whether big or small, use #SummerBeginsInSpring to share your wins with us on Instagram or Facebook.

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