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New to MYX? Here’s your guide.

New to MYX? Here’s your guide.

Welcome to MYX! To make sure your experience is great from the start, we’ve gathered some helpful hints from our coaches. 

Coach Jesse

Jesse: Before getting started with MYX, make sure to set your bike up properly to fit your unique body. It’s important that you’re comfortable — plus the right setup tailored to you will help you avoid overextending and injury. Watch the tutorial videos found on your MYX app (under settings), or read this Help Center article for a refresher.

Coach Garner

Garner: After you’ve checked out the set up video, be sure to take the MYX Zone Calibration Ride. The results will set you up for success by ensuring your workouts are effective and efficient — and the Zone Ride outcomes will help you track your progress. My big hint: Once you start using the bike, your booty might get sore. That’s true for most. You’re not alone! Stick with it. Your body will quickly adjust. It’s so worth it. 

Coach Davanna

Davanna: The MYX Zone Calibration Ride reveals your unique heart rate zones which are essential to your MYX experience. That’s how we help you achieve your goals and improve your cardiovascular health. When you measure your heart rate with our heart rate monitor, your workouts will be at their most effective and efficient. 

Coach Kristin

Kristin: Choose footwear that fits correctly and is right for the type of workout you are doing. You might want to have different kinds of shoes for different types of workouts. Of course, some types of floor work don’t require shoes at all. And remember: The MYX bike pedals are flexible, so you can wear clip-ins or regular (but comfortable) athletic shoes.

Coach Dan

Dan: There's no time like right now to begin your fitness journey. Just turn on your tablet, click on a workout, and get moving. Hesitating is the hard part. Everything else is a process. Try to enjoy the journey!

Coach Shaun

Shaun: During your first couple of weeks, try working out at a low intensity while paying extra attention to your form. It’s always good to develop a strong foundation that you can build on.

Coach Donna

Donna: Explore all the content available on your touchscreen beyond the home screen that pops up and discover all the cool features beyond workouts available. Check out the Mat Chats and Coach Diaries. There are Scenic Rides for when you just want to space out (but still get credit for your workouts) and Newsy for opinion-free news if you want to tune in.

Coach Bri

Bri: Don’t be afraid to Incorporate workouts beyond the bike. To get the results you want, cross-training is key. We have all sorts of options geared towards improving your overall fitness. I know it’s tempting to stay on the bike at first, but, trust me, if you transfer some energy to the floor, your body will thank you.

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