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New Year’s resolutions? Here’s some inspo.

New Year’s resolutions? Here’s some inspo.

A new year brings new opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Need a little help in the inspiration department? You’re in luck. Our MYX  coaches offer a glimpse into their New Year goals and how they plan to see them through. 

1. Set intentional, measurable, and trackable goals

Coach Shaun: My goal is the same regardless of the day: Be 1% better than I was yesterday. Little daily wins add up to something big over time.

Coach Dan: I am into writing New Year’s resolutions. I write a free-form essay and then graph my goals on a separate sheet of paper. 

Coach Garner: I set SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based. I do better when I don’t set too many New Year's resolutions. Three or fewer is attainable for me. If I have too many, I’m less likely to stick to my resolutions.

Coach Donna: I plan to take one day at a time and to be kind to myself.

2. Lean into growth

Coach Kristin: I want to get excited about change and possibilities. I plan to be open to new things.

Coach Dyan: I frame my year around a word, and my word for 2021 is “trust.” I trust the process that my life is taking. I trust the seeds I have sown will grow in their perfect time, and I trust that I am in the ideal place for learning and growing. And gratitude. I can never have enough gratitude

3. Redefine success

Coach Lauren: I want to create and nourish a self-care community with friends and family.

Coach Bri: I give my mental and emotional health the same amount of attention I give my physical health. I also prioritize deeply rooted wellness and joy from the inside out.

Coach Christina: My motto has always been to lead with hustle and heart. But next year, I think it will be time to lead with hustle and heart while also putting myself first. I live in a give, give world, and I now vow to give to myself.

Coach Jesse: In 2021, I will strive to be kinder, give more gifts, learn new things, and continually work on improving my overall fitness. I don’t mean just working out. I also mean focusing on breathwork, getting enough sleep, and trying new recipes.

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