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Sip Smarter This Season

Sip Smarter This Season

Holiday cheer and celebratory cocktails seem to go hand in hand. The MYXfitness coaches embrace the season by offering their top five tips for staying healthy and drinking responsibly during the holidays. 

1. Indulge in moderation.

Coach Christina: The holidays are a time to celebrate the moment. Maybe this includes a Christmas cocktail or a New Year's Eve drink. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is indulging in the things that keep you smiling. So enjoy that cocktail!

Coach Donna: Instead of depriving myself, I indulge in moderation and savor my favorite holiday foods and drinks.

2. Remember to stay hydrated.

Coach Dyan: I keep my body hydrated so I don't quench my thirst with alcohol. When I do choose to drink a holiday cocktail, I have soda water with fresh lime juice and a splash of tequila. It's low in sugar and keeps me hydrated.

Coach Garner: I try to drink a cup of water with each alcoholic drink I have. I also avoid sugary drinks. My go-to cocktail is a vodka-water with lime.

3. Keep up your active routine.

Coach Justin: I continue to schedule workouts and never feel guilty for enjoying the season.

Coach Dan: I plan a recovery week over Christmas that includes shorter, low-intensity workouts with stretching, yoga, and recovery rides. Remember what Director of Fitness Erika says, "If you are moving, you are winning!”

Coach Shaun: If you feel you might overindulge in holiday drinks because you have time off the next day, you can schedule an early workout for the next morning. You may even want to clue a friend in on your plan for a little extra accountability.

4. Think about the ingredients.

Coach Lauren: If you make food or drinks at home, you can use healthy ingredients. I start from scratch and use natural sweeteners like monk fruit, stevia, or organic raw honey.

5. Try a mocktail.

Coach Bri: I enjoy hot drinks such as pumpkin lattes and cranberry tea. If you want to avoid alcohol, hot drinks can be a great substitute.

Coach Kristin: I just started experimenting with a non-alcoholic drink that includes natural stress relievers. Opting for mocktails helps me focus on feeling good and getting enough sleep

Coach Jesse: I love simple, festive mocktails. Seltzer with a bit of grapefruit juice and lime is my favorite. I don’t usually drink sugary beverages, but I do indulge in a little high-quality juice around the holidays.

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