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Small Steps to Big Change

Small Steps to Big Change

When we think of changing certain aspects of our lives, we often set big, lofty goals for ourselves. However, if you’ve ever tried to change your life with sweeping resolutions, you know it rarely works. 

Instead of grandiose resolutions, pick a small change or two. Take consistent, baby steps toward creating a habit, and you may find yourself on a completely different trajectory a year from now. 


1. Eat Breakfast

If you’re like most Americans, you often skip breakfast. Every expert on earth seems to agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It jumpstarts your metabolism and reduces the desire to snack on junk food. 


2. Make one day meatless.

    Eating less meat makes your body (and the planet) healthier, but it can be a big change to go completely vegetarian one day. Instead, pick one day a week to go meatless to get started on solidifying this new habit. Not sure what to make? Here are 25 Easy Meatless Recipes to help you get started. 


    3. Draft a daily to-do list.

      Lots of us make impressive New Year’s resolutions with better health and improved self-esteem in mind. But broad goals such as “get fit” are difficult to work with. Making a short list every morning of the steps you will take that day reduces goals to bite-size pieces.


      4. Establish a screen-free hour before bed.

        Blue light from digital devices reportedly wreaks havoc with your sleep rhythms. Set an alarm for one hour before bed as a reminder to turn off your screens. Your gain: better REM sleep.


        5. Build in a fitness workout.

          Don’t underestimate the positive impact that being in shape has on both your body and mind. Commit to regular workouts, starting small and building on momentum. The MYX home studio from MYXfitness is perfect for getting started with your fitness goals. 


          6. Chat with strangers.

            Despite the connectivity promised by technology, it’s easy to feel isolated when most people are wearing headphones. Be the change you want to see by making it a habit to chat with strangers you encounter. Connection makes everyone feel better. 


            7. Read a book each month.

              Books open doors to other people’s lives and attitudes. That makes regular reading an easy self-improvement habit. Pick whatever type of reading pleases you most.


              8. Write a daily journal page.

                Doing new things floods you with fresh energy, but it’s also important to “download” the data. Journaling every day puts you in touch with what you are thinking in the here and now. 


                9. Try something new every week.

                  Routines can be boring and limiting, so why not turn your daily sameness on its head? Drive a different route to work, stop at a new coffee shop, or order something off the menu you normally wouldn’t. Making a habit of breaking out of your routine every week promotes self-growth and can lead to fun surprises.


                  10. Spend time outdoors daily.

                    Mother nature is a great healer, and resolving to spend more time with her pays dividends. Some experts say that in addition to calming anxiety, nature helps your body and mind, reducing inflammation and improving your memory, vision, and concentration. 


                    Small changes can lead to a big result. Pick a few that you are going to try this week. Did we leave one off the list that you swear by? Tag us on Instagram and use the #myxitup to let us know. 

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