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Spark Your Summer: Tips for Getting Back to Exercise

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The last few months threw all sorts of new challenges our way. So it’s understandable if you let your regular workout slip. But with warmer weather comes the perfect time to get motivated to exercise again. 

Ready? These tips can get you energized and help you to stay focused all summer long and beyond!

Start Small
If you’ve been out of a routine, resist the urge to push yourself to the limit right out of the gate. There will be time to build back up to your previous workouts. So if you used to spend an hour biking or going on a five-mile run, consider cutting that time in half and easing back into exercise. 

Still too daunting? Remember, if you’ve got a couple minutes, doing something is better than doing nothing.

No matter what exercise you begin with, any little bit will get you on the right path fast. Plus, by committing to easier-to-reach goals, you’ll lower your chance of injury and give yourself the quick wins to keep trying.

Good Habits Keep You Going
It’s easy to get caught up dreaming about the results you want rather than putting into practice the habits that will get you there. One surefire way to stay motivated to exercise is to follow a schedule that gives you the most control over your success. Plan to and schedule time to head outside for cardio three times a week. Commit to getting the right length and quality of sleep your body needs each night. Go for a brisk walk when time allows. These healthy habits can keep you going strong.

Find What Fits
You’re not going to enjoy every type of workout offered. And that’s okay. So while high-impact resistance training is your best friend’s go-to, a slow and steady yoga session could be what you need to stay faithful to your fitness journey.

Be open to trying new ways of training. Maybe kickboxing will excite you during your next sweat session. A fast and fun combination of mobility- and strength-training cardio like MYX’s 4-week program could also be your best bet. 

Remember that you aren’t tied to just one routine. You’re always free to MYX things up and keep it interesting. The trick is finding what works best to get you on track to a healthier you.

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