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The busy person’s guide to finding time to work out

The busy person’s guide to finding time to work out

Time management is a funny thing. We all start each day with the same number of hours, minutes, and seconds, but some days we’re more motivated and productive than others. What gives? In a nutshell, science says it’s about planning, goals, and scheduling. We’re all juggling multiple responsibilities at home and work, so we turned to our own members to ask them how they find time to exercise and to share how they make exercise a priority

Make a plan to succeed

Jillian N: “Scheduling my workouts ahead of time keeps me accountable and helps me plan my week more efficiently.”

Tammie Ann C: “I set mindful intentions the night before and schedule an alarm on Google Calendar and get it done!”

Tiffany M: “Whether or not I actually have it in my calendar, it’s part of my plan from the moment I wake up, just like going to work, making my coffee, or doing the dishes. The workout is just another facet of the day. I did not have that mindset before I joined MYXfitness last summer!”

Make it a goal

Liza L: “Make working out non-negotiable, just as important as work, helping your children, etc. It doesn't matter where you are in your 'life stage,' you can make working out non-negotiable.”

Sherry O: “I call it ‘me time,’ not a ‘workout’ because it is my decompression time. On the weekend, I do it mid-morning and it feels indulgent, especially when I schedule a nice restorative stretch.”

Stay flexible

Danielle S: “When I don’t hit a workout in the morning, looking down at my Apple Watch to see my rings so behind makes it a challenge. I’m like ‘oh, I’m gonna show you, watch! I’m coming for those rings.’”

Tracy K: “I make my workout work for me, fitting it into the time of day, amount of time, etc. that I have. I schedule it for the early morning, but I don’t give up on it if I miss it (who doesn’t oversleep sometimes?). I find the next best time and do it then."

Danielle L: “I work from home. When I need to take a breather, I hop on my bike for 10-15 minutes.”

The key takeaway? We’re all busy, and sometimes something’s gotta give. Don’t let it be your workout. Set yourself up for success and the rest will follow. Remember, the best workout is the one you do, no matter how short!

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