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The Evolution of Fitness Fashion

The Evolution of Fitness Fashion

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, workout clothes were the enemy. Just try planking in button-ups and bloomers or feeling good in baggy sweats. But the world has turned, and fitness has come into the limelight, leaving archaic dress codes in the shadows. 

If you’re headed to the gym, you’ll want workout apparel that lets you make your moves effortlessly and feel confident at the same time. 

Activewear Archives

In the early 1900s in the US, sweating wasn’t considered a good thing, especially for women. That mindset stifled the forward trajectory of both workouts and workout clothes. Women exercising had to work harder at keeping their hair styled than building washboard abs. For a time, heeled shoes and long skirts were considered ideal for exercise wear. However, after WWI, sneakers jogged their way into the mainstream, followed by portable audio players and tights. Suddenly, everyone wanted the latest and greatest in workout gear.

Woke Workout Clothes

Despite decades that included baggy sweatsuits followed by tracksuits, fashion-forward items such as yoga pants, spandex, and wicking fabrics hit center stage. The evolution of activewear kept a reasonable pace with the notion that fitness was worth working at. Today, building a strong body is at the top of the priority list for many people. And no matter your gender, size, or shape, there’s activewear just for you.

Activewear Goes Inclusive

As society’s concept of fitness has expanded to include different body shapes, activewear has also become more inclusive. Today’s cutting edge exercise wear builds comfort, performance, and quality into functional designs that inspire you to get your body moving.

Athleta leads the pack, using innovative fabrics such as SuperSonic, Powervita, and Powerlift, to rebuild activewear from the ground up. Whether your fitness thing is cold-weather trekking, running, yoga, tennis, or gym workouts, they have workout pieces to power your performance. 

Athleta now offers completely redesigned performance fits for sizes 1X through 3X. You’ll find everything from shimmer tights to tanks and tees that fit your body and, with their great look and design, keep you motivated. 

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