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The Fine Art of Balancing Work and Life

The Fine Art of Balancing Work and Life

Many of us are finding it a challenge to adapt to our “new normals,” and for those who are juggling work and the responsibilities of home, we know it’s not easy. Though it’s important to feel grateful for the bounty of work and family at a time of so much loss, striking the right balance in each day can seem like an impossible feat.

Finding and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is difficult when days blend together, and it’s all too easy to work longer hours than normal. Whenever you start to feel the urge to check your email just one more time, take a deep breath or two and remember these three work-life balance tips:

Set Boundaries

Experts tell us it’s important to set boundaries when it comes to maintaining peace at home. This concept applies not only to personal relationships, but also to establishing rules for your physical space and time.

Confining work to a dedicated space helps you compartmentalize your business life and not let it bleed into your downtime. Sitting in your special work area can help your family recognize when it’s appropriate to interrupt to ask for help or snacks. Another great tip is to set a specific, consistent end time to shut down your work computer, so you can turn your attention to family and leisure time and let yourself unwind from the day.

Follow a Schedule

Following a schedule is a form of self-care! Create rituals that help you establish your work-from-home routine. Whatever the sequence of events, it can make a huge difference in your mental health. Jennifer L. FitzPatrick, speaker and author of Cruising Through Caregiving, points out that making a checklist can help you stay centered as you navigate your day. So does the act of dressing for the day! While living in your PJs or athleisure is a solid option right now, it could cause you to fall into an energetic rut.

Try getting your MYXfitness workout done first thing in the morning, and then showering and dressing as you would for work. Dressing the part can get you in the right frame of mind to tackle the day’s priorities.


Human connection can feel difficult right now, but it is definitely possible to reimagine new social rituals in the absence of face-to-face interaction. The options are endless online- you can stay in touch with family and friends through video chats and even play games together! In person, try engaging with your kids in a new way- Play “20 Questions” and see if you can learn something new about each other. Connect through food- bake cookies as a family and deliver it to a neighbor’s door for a delicious surprise. Schedule a date night in with your partner and order your favorite carry-out meal (need date inspiration? Journalist Drew Magary offers suggestions to turn your quarantine into a romantic escape).

Just like scheduling your work days, schedule time for connection- it gives us all something to look forward to.

We hope these tips help you feel inspired to create your days, even when options are limited. Let us know how it goes!

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