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The future of fitness is NOW. Meet MYX II.

The future of fitness is NOW. Meet MYX II.

The future of fitness is now, and MYXfitness is leading the at-home exercise revolution.    

“We’ve been listening hard to our members and power users for well over a year now,” says MYXfitness President Heberto (Herbie) Calves. “We’ve been watching the market and studying other offerings in the space. Here’s what we know: fitness in 2021 and beyond is the opposite of one-size-fits-all.” 

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to the you-asked-for-it-you-got-it next evolution in home fitness — the new MYX II connected fitness bike and the wide variety of workouts now available to members. Now that MYXfitness is part of The Beachbody Company (NYSE: BODY), our bikes will feature industry-leading hardware upgrades and the ability to have two unique digital fitness experiences on one hardware platform. “The MYX II bike answers the call for quality, variety, easy access, and flexibility,” says Herbie. “We’re bringing the benefits of heart rate-based, one-on-one personal training to your home with MYX+Openfit — live and on demand. And soon we’ll be launching a fully immersive, virtual class experience you can enjoy in the comfort of your home with BODi (Beachbody On-Demand Interactive).”

With the MYX II you can now track your cadence, distance, and speed. That means even more metrics to plot, chart, and measure your progress over time to hit your goals with science on your side. The new sleeker touch screen has bigger sound and a camera built in for the most immersive workout experience out there. 

Now that MYXfitness and Openfit are part of the same family, you’ll get even more value for your membership. That means more workout choices, more programs, more trainers — and more motivation to meet your fitness goals.

With MYX and Openfit coming together, the ultimate fitness experience is at your fingertips — literally. “We’re offering unlimited workouts — on and off the bike — and two distinct experiences through one hardware platform,” says Herbie. “We’re blowing open the possibilities for everyone, at every fitness level, to get the results they want at an incredibly affordable price — with no compromise on quality.”

Here’s everything you need to know about the MYX II and MYX+Openfit.

Best-in-class tech

Heart rate training is the heart of our efficient, effective approach to fitness. “Science-based” is our middle name, and our members love a good metric too. “Our new state-of-the-art bike features the latest technology,” explains Herbie, “including a sleeker touch screen with great sound and a camera built in for interactive workouts and shared community experiences that will go live soon. MYX II also has an industry-leading sensor on board, now tracking speed, cadence, and distance.” You’ll even be able to pair it to your Apple Watch to measure and track calories burned, average heart rate, and heart rate recovery as well. 

Bonus? The new sensor is a full 10% more accurate than standard magnetic resistance-based sensors to really dial in your numbers with confidence so you can get the results you want. 

Beyond the bike, the MYX II Plus offers a complete set of dumbbells, a kettlebell, resistance band, exercise mat, and a foam roller to give you everything you need to create a complete home gym system.

Our upleveled swiveling touch screen is turning heads

Our unique, pioneering swivel touch screen has always let you go from the bike to floor workouts quickly and easily. With the MYX II, the touch screen now delivers even better sound, thanks to 20W speakers and improved processing power. It’s also 30% slimmer than those offered by others. In addition, the new secure Sony 8-megapixel camera on the touch screen tablet is designed to offer a more immersive experience when you take live interactive classes, coming soon. 

New features at a glance

Here’s a quick overview of what you get with MYX II:

  1. Comfort. Adjustable to commercial standards, MYX bikes are designed to give each rider the level of customization required in elite cycling studios around the world. You can adjust everything, including the handlebars, seat height, and seat depth so everyone can get their best ride. The bike’s narrower profile is also easier on your knees.
  2. Safety. MYX II uses an 18mm threaded pedal rather than the industry standard, which is 14.3mm. The 25% larger pedal-to-crank interface provides reassurance that the pedal is securely affixed to the crank, safeguarding against snapping pedals — the most common cause of severe injuries on indoor bikes. 
  3. Integration. You can use your Apple Watch as a heart rate monitor for all your workouts.
  4. Convenience. Our swivel screen is sleeker than ever. Its 21.5-inch touch screen is typically available only on more expensive models offered by other brands. It also comes with a 20W speaker output, which is double that of the current MYX bike.
  5. Quality. Keep your ride smooth and quiet with a 41-pound flywheel.  A weightier flywheel mimics a true road ride feel by providing a more level velocity from rider to rider.
  6. Durability. Your MYX II is built to last because it’s built to commercial standards. Knobs, handles, and seat-adjustment levers are made of rugged metal designed to last for years to come — for about the same price as a one-year gym membership.
  7. Adaptability. The MYX II is easily adaptable to every member of your family, up to 350 pounds, whether you’re 4’11” or 6’8”.

A whole new world of workouts

Beyond the new hardware features, both new and existing members now have access to all of Openfit’s live and on-demand classes, programs, and challenges — some from celebs and Instagram favorites — as well as all their MYX favorites. All that, at the same (more) affordable price.

Openfit is the go-to platform for fitness, nutrition, and health with a well-established and inspiring community component. Together as one,  MYX+Openfit will make your wellness journey easier than ever by giving you more tools to meet your fitness goals.

Here’s what else you can look forward to: 

  • Structured, on-demand daily programming — from HIIT to strength training, barre to Pilates, yoga, and more
  • Live classes — including live walks and runs — with certified trainers on the Openfit mobile app, some featuring real-time feedback so you can get real-time guidance and inspiration
  • Workouts you can stream from anywhere, anytime on your MYX touch screen as well as your TV, laptop, and smartphone (iOS and Android)
  • Rewards and badges to recognize your fitness milestones 
  • Motivation and accountability from well-established, active MYX and Openfit communities
  • Meal planning options to help keep your nutrition on point

Bring your bike up to speed  

With the arrival of the MYX II, current MYX members who love their original bike can now track their cadence metrics during their rides as well. Wahoo’s RPM Cadence Sensor pairs seamlessly with the original MYX bike. So we’ve teamed up with Wahoo to offer the first 10,000 MYX members $5 off the sensor from July 27 through August 10, 2021, using code WFMYXRPM at

If you already have a Wahoo cadence sensor, original MYX users can just pair it with their MYX bike and start tracking cadence metrics now. 

With the MYX II and MYX+Openfit, you’ll have access to all of the programming, trainers, challenges, nutrition, and community you’ll ever need to be your most happy and healthy self. “MYX was created to redefine fitness — how all of us get and stay fit in our modern world,” says Herbie. “The MYX II bike and our partnerships with Beachbody and Openfit are the next evolution in that journey.” 

Ready to take a closer look at all you get? Visit the MYX website.

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