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The Power in a Handwritten Note

The Power in a Handwritten Note

Communication has never been as quick and easy as it is today. A text, a post, a tweet- they’re all just a few taps on your smartphone. Digital conversations save time for sure, but something about the pandemic has reminded us of the intangible value of more time-honored, authentic form of communication: The handwritten note.

Building Bridges

Emojis are fast, cheeky ways to display emotion to your friends on the receiving end of your text, but if you are looking for real connection, nuance is necessary. That’s where the handwritten note comes in.  It takes time to write a note. The choosing of words is a thoughtful process and a way to express feelings as only you can. Writing a letter is a timeless way to build a bridge of authentic communication between you and your loved ones.

Rare Writings

Handwritten notes are special because they have become rare.  According to the post office, an average household gets only 2.1 pieces of personal written correspondence in a month’s time. Compare that to the 100-plus emails or the 94 text messages the average American sends and receives each day.

Additionally, handwritten notes represent a time investment.  An email to express your thanks takes a few seconds, but a handwritten note takes more time and effort. You need to select stationary and write out your message thoughtfully, without autocorrect! 

The person receiving the letter will certainly understand this effort, and value the note because you put time and thought into it. Many handwritten notes become treasured keepsakes.  

Expressions of Gratitude and Appreciation

Since handwritten notes take time, few of us use them for day-to-day business. Rather, we use them to express deeper feelings, such as gratitude, appreciation, and love. The true purpose of this “old-fashioned” communication is to remind someone that the relationship means a lot to you. 

The pandemic has brought the power of authentic expressions of gratitude and appreciation into clear focus. As a nation, we try to show our hero healthcare workers how much we appreciate them, from residents of New York clapping from their balconies during hospital shift changes to Facebook campaigns dedicated to collecting thank you notes for healthcare workers.  The power of human connection is at the forefront right now, so  reach out to your loved ones and let them know you care.

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