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This article is all about YOU

This article is all about YOU

From cycling to Pilates, our MYX members have tried it all. We asked our community which workouts they are loving right now. Many of you shared your favorites. Did yours make the list?  

You love our cycling workouts.

 “Short, sweet, and effective!” Says @melpaps of our 20-minute HIIT rides. 

You know sometimes a MYX ride is like a big dance party.

 Just ask @devin_granic17 about our rhythm rides. “They always get me grooving and in the mood.”

If you’re like @lindsaykaust, you’ll love our 90s hip-hop intervals. “Those are my throwback jams and usually have the best beats and flow to the intervals. My workouts always go by so fast because I'm basically dancing on the bike, and poof, workout complete.”

You’re ready to do floor work.

 @myxfitnessmoms recommends Coach Justin’s 10-minute bodyweight HIIT paired with his 10-minute core. “I've been pairing a lot of my workouts lately with ten-to-fifteen-minute ones because I find they are super effective, and since they are short workouts, I really give them my all.”

@jaleh is all about evening yoga with Coach Donna. “I find it's the perfect thing to help me release tension I've been carrying through the day, so I can ‘reset’ and go into my night relaxation time feeling settled and refreshed.”

Flexibility and mobility are top of mind.

 @jaycee327 reminds us what’s important. “We need a little extra help in the flexibility area, and there’s nothing like prepping with a mobility workout before a ride or floor workout! My body feels primed after a mobility session.”

You’re cross-training champs. 

@casdaults discovered “the best of the bike and the mat .” Her secret? Our ride and tone workouts. Well, maybe it’s not a secret because @ginnacortese also raves about ride and tone workouts. Her cup of tea? Coach Justin’s 45-minute level three. Coach Christina’s 30-minute ride, tone, and restore is a favorite of MYX member @alex.r.thomason.

@ziasoul relates. “I used to attend a spin and barre studio, but COVID changed all that. I wasn't sure at-home spin and other workouts could be as fun (or hard) as a class at the studio, but each workout leaves me drenched in sweat and feeling energized!”

No matter what your workout preferences, the MYX community is here to support you in your fitness journey, real and unfiltered. Follow us on Instagram to stay connected and get to know more of our MYX members. We want to hear from you. Keep an eye out for new surveys so you can tell us what you’d like to see on the app.

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