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Three Tips for Compassion During COVID-19

Three Tips for Compassion During COVID-19

The past months have been tough and many things still feel far from normal. You may be reeling emotionally from this difficult period, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Compassion and patience are key elements defining grace under pressure. This kind of grace isn’t the stuff of magic and miracles. You can build it into your life by putting three self-care habits into practice. 

1. Acknowledge the Pain

Grace under pressure doesn’t mean keeping a stiff upper lip. The first rule of recovery is acknowledging your emotions. These may range from sorrow to fear and can also include anger and resentment about the out-of-the-blue virus that disrupted so many lives.

Experts agree that getting through a difficult period starts with allowing the feelings to come to the surface. Burying them just permits them to fester. You might talk to a friend, family member, or therapist about how challenging it’s been for you and the emotions and anxiety you are feeling. Alternatively, write out a daily journal. The idea is to explore your feelings to move beyond them.

2. Make Time For Yourself

As the nation begins to reopen, many of us feel pressure to get back to our old routines. But leaping into the fray may not be the best plan after everything we’ve been through. Pushing yourself to the limit so quickly can create a false reality that doesn’t make room for you. It’s better to treat yourself gently and set a slower pace that allows regular time to pause and sit with your feelings. 

Meditation or yoga could get you into that quiet place. But those aren’t the only options. Bird-watching, walking in nature, or pushing through an exercise routine can help you de-stress and feel more centered. 

3. Show Compassion to Others

Being kind to others is one of the best ways to bring grace into your post-pandemic life. The more compassion you put into the world, the easier it is to be gentle with yourself. You might do something specific, like helping a neighbor with shopping or walking her dog. But simply giving strangers the benefit of the doubt can be a gesture of goodwill. This kind of patience is easier if you remind yourself that you don’t know this person’s story. When you look back at this period of your life, you’ll want to remember the little acts of kindness and compassion you offered to others as well as yourself.

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