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Too much sitting? Six ways to sneak in movement.

Too much sitting? Six ways to sneak in movement.

Does this sound familiar? Wake up, get ready, eat breakfast, sit down…all day. When your routine starts to feel like a scene from Groundhog Day, adding motion is an easy way to MYX up your day. Like most of us, MYX coaches live busy lives, so they’re always looking for quick ways to add fresh movements. Next time you’re feeling sedentary, try these simple movement ideas. The bonus? You can knock a lot of them out while checking things off your to-do list. 

If you have stairs, use ‘em!

Have stairs in your house or apartment complex? Coach Davanna likes to walk up and down the steps when she has a quick break. If you have an outdoor staircase or non-slip surface indoors, you can also try several reps of stair lunges.

Get more out of chores

Did you feel your heart rate go up last time you vacuumed? Cleaning the house can be a mini-workout if you put extra energy and intention behind your movements. You can also choose a specific exercise like mountain-climbers to do each time you complete a task. For active recovery on weekends, Coach Dan suggests doing yard work and gardening, finding space to stretch as you go.

Trade in those weights

We love this tip from Coach Davanna: to MYX up your workout, swap your weights for items around the house, like your child’s backpack. You can turn your workout into a scavenger hunt by finding a different object for each round.

Try these break-time hacks

Coach Dyan thinks every small window is an opportunity for new ways to work in movement. She suggests adding reps of pushups after every bathroom break. When Coach Davanna watches TV, she likes to MYX it up with a new movement for each commercial break, like a plank or tricep dips. Coach Dan recommends targeting the upper body next time you have a few minutes to spare. Simply place your hands against a wall and then push away. You can also hold onto a door frame while using your arms to pull yourself through. Every bit counts!

Go out and play

Got kids? When they’re playing outside, go out and join them. Hide and seek is a great way to get your heart rate up. If you have a dog, really lean into that game of fetch or take them on an extra-long walk through a park or around your neighborhood. Coach Dan recommends adding in a few squats for good measure. 

Move your hips

Choose a song on your playlist and don’t stop dancing until it’s over. Or take Coach Dan’s advice and channel your inner kid by investing in a hula hoop. The motion is great for your core.

Try our coaches’ ideas, then tag us in your stories and let us know what you think.

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