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Top 5 Favorite Ways to Unwind in the Winter

Top 5 Favorite Ways to Unwind in the Winter

In the winter, it’s hard to find time for yourself in between all of the festive gift-giving and parties to attend. Here are our five favorite ways to unwind in the winter months.

  1. Curl up

    There’s no better feeling in the world than curling up on a cold winter’s day. Even if it’s for fifteen minutes, or two hours, making a point to curl up and relax will help you unwind from the chaos of everyday life. 

    You can use your time to curl up as a chance to meditate, catch up on some reading, or connect with a loved one. As long as you have a blanket and a pair of fuzzy socks, the sky’s the limit! 

  2. Take a bath

    You don’t need us to tell you how relaxing baths are, but in case you need a reminder, here are just a few of The Healing Powers of a Warm Bath. Prioritizing your time in the form of a bath will not only encourage you to unwind, but it will make you look forward to it as well. 

    If you decide to take a bath to decompress, just be sure to moisturize after! Warm baths tend to dry out your skin, so make a point to apply it after you’ve dried off.

  3. Cook or bake

    One of the best parts about winter are the savory foods and rich beverages! Why not hop on the bandwagon, and take out your oven mitts! An article by Healthline explains how therapeutic baking can be. 

    Whether you love to cook or enjoy baking, winter is an optimal time to test the waters and get creative in the kitchen! Not sure what to make? Check out these 74 Beyond Easy Winter Dinners That Will Keep You Warm And Cozy

  4. Host a social event

    In the winter months, it’s easy to just come home after a long day at work and crawl into bed. Although there are some days when you need to have your alone time, the winter can encourage isolation

    With that being said, the winter presents an opportunity to host a social event! Whether you decide to host a game night or have people over to watch a movie, you won’t regret spending time with your loved ones. 

  5. Try something new

    Although the prospect of trying something new can be quite daunting, the benefits certainly outweigh the cons. Go check out that new restaurant down the block, or take that pottery class your friend has been dying to do with you. 

Whatever you end up doing, you’ll be able to look back and feel proud that you tried something new.

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